check mate: un match point

Another shot for the phone series. Not my best composition, altho in a wacky way I like the girl 'ruining the shot', in the backround: those Mary Janes with the white anklet socks and cuffed boyfriend jeans. Should have shot her on her own, dammit!

Love how this girl is wearing black&blue check with black tights, and unmatching it with brown leather tassel loafers (and then, matching that to the bag). That's something I've been doing almost automatically since I was a girl: deliberately tossing something into the mix that doesn't match. We don't want to be too matchy-matchy, do we girls?! I mean, look at how much more interesting this is now, than if she was all black and blue.

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Cristi Silva said...

I do love the shoe and bag details!!!