assignation (white peony)

Was with my old man on his birthday on the South Bank, and on a whim we went to the Tate Modern to see the Pop Art show, and, since we're members, went up to the members lounge (which we keep forgetting to do) to have some birthday cake. (I also had the most amazing tea: WHITE PEONY. It's meant to be good for us in many ways, including, as the Italian girl serving me tried to explain, it is good for the 'little cancers' that are in us all.)

On my way to pick up the tea, I had my camera and took this one shot as I passed. I love her hair and the way she was wearing a strapless dress with a rather scruffy coat.


Mom Fashion World said...

hi jill.
i have to rewrite again, my comment didn't go through.

how are you?how's the weather there?
it's been raining here since last night. it's really nasty outside.
i guess the weather will be like this for 3 consecutive days.

the first photo is that like i have seen in a movie. i love her braided hair with dangling earrings. wish you took photo of her face.

jill, thank you so much for the sincere comments. i really appreciate that. don't you know that your blog is one of my fave blogs and you're one of the sweetest and sincere person i have met here.

have a great day!

The Photodiarist said...

I love white peony tea. Love tea period end of story. That first pic is awesome. The look on the guy's face is something else.

Style Odyssey said...

white peony tea. sounds delightful, i must look for that!
first pic- she's beautiful, the hair, shoulders. his expression....wouldn't we like to know what he was thinking. he looks tired or bored.
last pic- now that's a gray day! i like that kind of weather, as long as i don't have to endure it for too many days straight!

StyleSpy said...

Oh, that beautiful hair makes me want to grow mine out again...

I haven't been to the members lounge at the Tate, even though it's my Favorite. Museum. In the. World. Maybe I can get one of my favorite bloggers to take me there in my visit this spring... ;-)


Lolitta said...

The first picture, her hair makes her look like a Goddess from the back..and like Diarist said from the look on the guys face, she probably looks like a Goddess from the front as well. Lovely..


Enia Is (Almost) Here said...

agree with the rest above... fantastic hair, terrific girl, why is the guy close to dying!?

could say something about the male population but that would just be mean + stereotyping (but fun, no?;)

Cafe Fashionista said...

The hair! The hair! The hair! Ooh, I must figure out how to do my hair in such a sophisticated fashion - at the moment it's simply cascading wildly about my shoulders! :)

dot said...

That's so funny that you're saying that, because I had originally written a post that was describing the conversation at the time: I showed Mr. Dot the shot, and he said 'you can't post that, what if they're having an affair?' and I was speculating what he was thinking, was he bored... was he gazing... in the end we decided I'd better take it down, that could legally be considered slander.

I didn't get a chance to ask their permission, because by the time we'd had the conversation, they had disappeared. So whoever you love birds are, if you're reading this: is it okay to post the shot?

I love the way without even putting it in the post, you've done the speculation for me.

sofiasophie said...

her hair is fabulous??? and her earings too!

Thumbelina Fashionista said...

Jill, has anyone told you that your blog is getting better every day?! Fab. I am smitten by that woman's hair. What's hilarious though is her date's facial expression.