emma (the eyes have it)

Today was a gloriously spring like day here in London, and the minute I walked out the door, I passed Emma. I really really hope she didn't lose my card: Emma if you're reading this please get in touch! - because I didn't source anything, ask where she's from, what she does... nothing.

I noticed her eyes first thing. She said she always does them like this. It's a stunning effect and I swear to you, I haven't retouched a thing: this is her gorgeous gorgeous skin, eyes.. just amazing. I took a few quick shots - click, click, click - and now Mr. Dot is clamouring for his supper (grilled sardines with garlic, olive oil & bread crumbs, if you're curious, with a green salad and baguette) but he's threatening to 'fill up on chocolate covered Hob Nobs' - something he knows makes me crazy - in fact he's eating them as we speak. All because I can't decide which shots to use! I can't narrow them down! So I'm just posting the whole lot.

Just as I was doing her full figure shot, a man walked by with a dog. I'm not sure if he spoke English, I just gestured: let the dog stay in the shot! So he did.

Emma's outfit is clearly the uniform of the week. I can't tell you how many women I've seen on the streets in black leather biker jacket, black tights or leggings & skirt, black boots, and leopard print scarf. But hands down, her look is my favourite.

Speaking of Emma: the BBC has just finished a great four-parter, starring Romola Garai. I can't remember which blog-friend recently said she wished they'd turn it into a period soap, like Eastenders, but I agree. I only caught it from the third episode, and can't wait for the re-runs. I'm sure it will start running world wide, so keep your eyes peeled.


Unknown said...

I really like your blog, and also the photo with a dog. Good last minute tactic. I also like Emma's style, and it has inspired me to get myself a leather, i definitely need one. :)



dot said...

Well, thank you, Jazmino! I like your blog, too: I'm adding it to my roll as we speak. Can't take any credit for the dog - OR Emma's style, obviously - just a lucky coincidence.

jazzy said...

what's the eye shadow?

rohan said...

great jacket

sofiasophie said...

Simply looove it!
I asked several times one of my friend (make-up designer) to paint me like that at least once... he says he won't, that it wouldn't fit me...
tooo bad!

Sarah said...

I've just started reading your blog and I have to say I love it!
That girls eyes is amazing!


Cafe Fashionista said...

She reminds me so much of Taylor Momsen. She is just stunning in these photographs. And I absolutely adore the way you were able to capture the lightheartedness in her eyes, despite the fact that she has such a rebellious style! :)

my Shopping bag said...

her make up is amazing! Love it

dot said...

sofia: maybe you can show your friend & ask just this once?

erika (cafe fashionista): i can see that in a way, but mostly it's because she (taylor) has been wearing heavy eye make-up: it's amazing how quickly that can become part of one's iconic style. i'm so glad you got it about what i found so wonderful about her: you have to be really pretty AND sweet, i feel, to pull this off. i don't like edgy just for the sake of it, esp. if one isn't atttractive to begin with, or is remotely hard.

sarah, 'shopping bag'.. each of you, thank you, on emma's behalf, for your sweet comments! xx

Thumbelina Fashionista said...

Hi Jill! Sorry it's been ages...I've been extremely busy with work and unmotivated with blogging. Glad to see you're not! (Unmotivated that is.)

This girl's so EIGHTIES. I must say I'm not a fan of the heavy eye make-up, but it certainly is a statement.

workhard said...

Hi.. i like the pics.. i like Emmas style ..but i think her eyeshadow is too bold..

Lingerie Blog

Susan said...

she looks gorgeous!

Robo said...

Hi there! Just found your blog today, and it's very intriguing. I just moved to Newcastle from California, so that's one helluva switch in climate and style :)

Anyway this girl's scarf is from H&M because I have the exact same scarf. Also not a huge fan of her eyeshadow, though her eyes do look striking. But that's the beauty of style, isn't it? To each their own!