emma jane & co. (an honest appeal)

Further to my post the other day ('your eyes lie'), Jordan and Emma-Jane (shown here, 2nd from the right, with her boyfriend & friends) are not giving up on their quest to make a fabulous little documentary for their school project on the subject of British fashion. They are especially appealing to any fashion bloggers in the London, or greater UK, area.

You can save a few students' souls and contact her by clicking here. Or you can turn the page. It's up to you.


Style Odyssey said...

i'll check that out- sounds interesting! the group looks so collegiate in the pic. makes me nostalgic for those college days...

i answered your queries on Style Odysey, but here's a repeat in case i was over there talking to myself, lol!
our doggy retrieves coconuts only for sport! it's an island dog thing. :)
your other question- how do i find incredible shoes and such on this small island? i don't! all my shopping is stateside or internet.

and yes, talk soon...next week, that works for me, too. FB me if you still need my skype name. glad you're better, J.

eleventhlevel said...

WHAT A NICE PICS! what an inspiration would be living in London! I love the honest appeal you posted about... let's have a visit on my blog! thanksss!