grey gorgeousness

This is Tamzin, ('that's Tamzin, with a zed', she said) looking gorgeous in silvery blue grey, to match her eyes. I was sprinting past her on Bond street after yesterday morning's sneak preview at Topshop (see previous post) and asked if I could shoot her. She was just so so nice. I've got a bit of a conundrum: I took five shots, each one more beautiful then the next, and I can't decide! I've narrowed it down to three as two shots were really duplicates. But the problem is, if I post three large shots, it will knock down the Topshop post, which I really do want to spread the word about, as it's such a lovely cause.

So instead, I'll do this as a sneak preview, and post the other shots another time. Tomorrow, perhaps. After all, as Scarlett O'Hara would say, tomorrow is another day.


the style crusader said...

love her hair and love that shade of grey. very beautiful!

Pearl Westwood said...

It was too much of a good idea not to do a post!! I am hoping to get down to London in the New Year so will definately let you know, I've been itching for a trip for months but just never get time ;-(
Love her hat btw!!

Leah said...

She is indeed so lovely.

coralie said...

She's got an amazing style!
And what a smile!
Coralie from Paris

Anonymous said...

She's really fantastic...her hair and her simple face are very magnetic!!

Angelika said...

She is very beautiful! And great cap ;).

Anonymous said...

I love this. Its like she stepped right out of 'Dr Zhivago' . Where, o where can I find cette hat?

Susan said...

wow, she's beautiful! amazing hair.
have a lovely weekend, darling.