lucy looking all chloe sevigny on commercial road

Lucy, wearing an assortment of old stuff, mostly picked up from a recent trip to South America actually, on Commercial Road, Spitalfields. She is currently a student in Edinburgh.


The Photodiarist said...

She looks Kate Hudson to me. Love her jacket.

dot said...

You're right!!! What was I thinking? Now I"m going to have to change the title.

Maybe I'll just change the text.

Thanks for visiting, PD! Just got in, I'm due for a visit to your lovely blog any minute...

Cristi Silva said...

those shoes are off thehook!!!!!!

Susan said...

she's really cool :))

Cafe Fashionista said...

Ohmigosh you could not be more right. She does look totally Chloe Sevigny in this photograph. Fabulous shot! :)

Vicki said...

hey jill sorry i havent stopped by in a while! lacking spare time at the minute! Great photo! I hope you dont mind me asking but im saving for an SLR camera to experiment with but have no idea what make or model would be good for a complete novice. wanted to get your advice?
magpie-girl.blogspot.com xx

Dream Sequins said...

Good call on the Chloe. She really does look like her-- and that's no toss-away compliment. I love Chloe's style.

Style Odyssey said...

she looks like a cross between kate hudson and chloe... how cute is she?!

sofiasophie said...

waow, she is pretty....

Zara said...

love the simplicity :) i need to start exploring spitalfields more! its shameful because i'm a londoner born and bred but have never really explored the east. what shops/cafes/places would you recommend? xoxo

Anonymous said...

love her hair matcing with the fur of jacket!;)

dot said...

Thank your all for your lovely comments! Vicki good to hear from you @ any time ; ) will email you when I have a bit more time later today, but the one I got is great - it's a USED Canon E0S 30D (I forget what we paid, it wasn't terribly expensive, but still felt a lot for a used camera: but people who knew their cameras recommended it). I still had to buy new lenses, tho, and the CAMERA CAFE (near the British Museum) - who are brilliant guys - sold me a new 50mm EF because he said it's the closest to having the film effect I still prefer from my dad's vintage 60s Pentax.

So much for the short version!

Geisharock: there's a great cool little pizza place near Truman Brewery called 'Story Deli' - basically the best thing is to go right to Spitalfield's Market on a Friday (less crowded than Sunday) - also St John's Bread & Wine is my favourite place to eat or for great coffee on Commercial Road.. there's tons of great eating/hanging out places, oh and for brands you can't beat All Saints on the corner of Commercial Road - and the whole Truman Brewery development area is great fun.

I tend to forget how wonderful it is East, because we live in South Ken & everything is right here - Chelsea, Notting HIll is so close.. but it's really easy by tube, and I'm so glad once I'm there. It's changing so fast!

Again: thank you all. Will visit you all soon! xx

Aline Dahl said...

love her style! great picture

Anonymous said...

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