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I love when I open my inbox and there's an email from a friend, any friend, with GOOD NEWS in the subject. But I was especially happy to read that my sweet Parisian friend Estelle is able to move back to our part of town, South Kensington, from Camden! It's only a studio, but it will be her own. I'm looking forward to more coffee & cake & chats at Paul, like where we shot this with her friend Lydia, also from Paris. It's odd to think that I met Estelle only last July, when we were driving by and I saw her on the street and asked Mr. Dot to stop the car so I could shoot her. She is such a nice girl, and I'm pleased as punch we're going to be neighbours again.

Above, from the photo shoot we did in Regent's Park last month. Black dress with Ombre Scarf detail: Forever 21. Vintage mink jacket, Alexandros. Favourite red booties, model's own.



Capturing laughter at ease. Excellent! :)

I may visit back and forth every now and then, in-laws and some of my Family is still in Miami, I miss 'em and want to plan trips to see them. :)

I still haven't tried out the recipe for the truffle fries but have to keep it in mind. Maybe over the Holidays?

I never realized how much fun cold-weather dressing could be.

Alas the tights are from last year :( if I find some, will email you straight away!!


Amanda said...

St John's Garden :) I love love love this look! The ombre blue and black and the textures...the red booties!

UnoCosa said...

nothing is better than great time with friends and all the laughter .... those photos are very cheerful - really love it, xx

Jord. said...

These pictures are really animated & playful, very positive!

She has a really classy look in the first photo and she definitely has the lallies for that dress.


Zara said...

I LOVE south kensington :) it's one of my favourite places in London for an easygoing sunday stroll xoxo

Style Odyssey said...

looks like fun! they both seem to have that joie de vivre.
estelle's coat and boots are divine.

workhard said...

I love the coat and the boots in the first pic.. ur pictures came out so nice

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