wedding party

Yesterday after yoga, I was bolting up thru Kensington, rounding the corner at Launceston Place (where I always like checking out the menu: it's changed hands over the years, we had loved it, then not so much, now it's been revamped, and recently, a chef there - not even the head chef! - Steve Groves - won my favourite cooking contest, Professional Master Chef. He was so nice - they all were. Altho I was rather sad that Marianne didn't win, as my friend Georgie has been taking a cooking course with her and said she's really, really nice.

If anyone recognises this happy bride, please let me know as I'd love to send them the shot.

Here's to living happily ever after.


Cafe Fashionista said...

Ah, I love her headpiece. I've never seen pearls used in place of a tiara! :)

daisychain said...

what an incredible capture!

Jazmino said...

ahah, thanks for the comment.Umm, no i don't do any photography in London, I live in the Midlands unfortunately, haha. I hope to go out in my town to take photos, but i'm young, and scared, so, not quite sure


Style Odyssey said...

oh, lovely! beautifully captured; appropriately framed by that window. i hope you find who it is. if i was that bride, i'd love to have a copy of this candid photo which expresses such warmth and happiness.

and...just read you comment on my professional (art) blog- the thought that one who's never been to NYC is untainted by it never occurred to me. i always felt like i was missing out. lol, i guess that makes me a NYC virgin!!

Aline Dahl said...

omg! this picture is so lovely! :D

wish you a great weekend, dear!

Susan said...

she's so cute :)

The Photodiarist said...

Fantastic candid capture!!

ebshoppinista said...

I love this shot, so unexpected. I hate posed pictures.