lexxi gets a bear: more mawi

The shots I couldn't fit into the previous post. Explanation below. Nothing more to say except that Lexxi was really excited about this thing called.. what is it, a grab box? It's like a glass box with toys in it and you move this handle around and try to grab things. She couldn't believe I'd never tried it (I led a very sheltered life).

Lexxi went first. 'I got a bear!' she said, all excited, then realised that the tag - designed like an old fashioned circus logo - said Mawi and was a £50 voucher.

It seemed funnier at the time. Perhaps I told it wrong. I guess you had to be there.


helen turnbull said...

bloody love mawi. what a lovely setting for it.

Helen, X

adrielleroyale said...

These are so fun!! Love love love them! :)

Pearl Westwood said...

Have you never been to Blackpool Jill? You can spend hours on those grabber machines, so much fun, and anger if you spend £20 and still dont have a prize! I love Mawi I bought my first piece just before xmas and love it so much!
Im doing ok, thanks for you psychic good vibes being sent xx

jill said...

Oh Pearly glad to hear! I do believe in that kind of thing you know.

Thanks Adrielle, Helen! Will visit your blogs soon - I promise. xx