get on your bike

We were at the ckone pop up shop last week and I asked the guy (sorry! blanking on his name) if the bike leaning against the post belonged to someone - it just looked so sculptural and almost intended, in this cool minimalist space, like a conceptual art project. He said it's the bike from the video (the commercial) and then to demonstrate that it's a real bike he started riding it around the space. He rounded the bend and crashed.

What is it with me - I still owe you another catwalk post with a model losing her shoe - there is something about seeing someone pick themselves up, dust themselves off, pull up their socks, and just get on with it. With a smile.

ckone: pop up shop near Brick Lane (Truman Brewery area) ends today or tomorrow. We're heading there now. Get on your bike.

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I love how he keeps on grinning. Thanks for your lovely comment on 'Heritage', I had a lot of fun shooting that. Unfortunately, your image of me traipsing around in the mud in the skirt is true, it's an absolute miracle it isn't ruined. I'd be honoured to be a post-of-the-week, of course you're welcome to any of the images!

I love reading all my friends' London-based blogs, including yours, keeping up with the 'real-life ' fashion at press days and events and on the street. I'm not sure when I'll next be down in town, but a meet-up outside fashion week is long overdue!