street: the colours i choose

It's such a magic time in London now, style wise: it's warm enough but not too warm, so we're at that cusp where we can wear pretty much anything: winter, summer, mix it up.

Shot this off the cuff while dashing past on Brick Lane with my husband: those deep jewel colours, purple, green, blue, tempered with black, the deep greens and blues that I've loved since we were caught in a rainstorm in the Dominican Republic last summer ('let's do lunch'). I'm sure I've seen these colours before that, but it was the moment when I thought: yes.


Matthew Spade said...

really like these shots, like the "in action" shots. you know, totally nature setting. dunno it it;s velour or velvet but it works

SabinePsynopsis said...

Oh my, I love her eyebrows. The colours are precious... but velvet still frightens me. xo

jill said...

Haha, velvet FRIGHTENS you Sabine? How so?

Mat I love your moon post: I don't know if it's velour or velvet, either. What's the difference? Is velour stretchy & velvet isn't?

I wonder, SAbine, how afraid are you of velour?