wellie bred

Last Thursday was the oddest problem to have: I was invited to everything at the same time! In all different parts of town!

One was the Selfridges' launch of Havaianas' Wellies collection, just in time for the festival season. And it was ABSOLUTELY the. best. party. ever. I know I say that a lot, but these parties just keep getting better. The music, the crowd (brought Kate & Naomi, then ran into a lot of other friends).. the food.. not to mention the setting, with real bales o' hay.. I really didn't want to leave, but I had to be across town for ckone.

That couple on the top: I didn't know who they were when I asked to shoot them, and I was afraid if I asked who they were, they'd laugh at me. But when they asked who I was shooting for, and I told them 'my blog, Polkadot... or StreestyleLondon...' they clearly didn't know who I was, either.

The first in a series. More coming up. Making the dinner. Well done everyone who ran (or walked) the London Marathon today. We didn't go watch it: One can't be everywhere. Well, One can try..


San said...

You see this is what I love about british style, the headpiece in the second picture. So much fun.
And I love Wellies. I bought some last fall with snakeskinprint and I love them though I still have to remember myself that I've got fabulous wellies when it's raining. How I can forget about my fabulous wellies is beyond me.
Have a great new week.

adrielleroyale said...

Looks quite chic! :)