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It's Jennifer's blog birthday today! Yes, Style East is one year old today!!

Jennifer (shown above) is one of those rare, rare creatures: smart and attractive and talented with a great sense of humour and a generous spirit. And a joy and a wonder for life. I met her only a few months after she started her blog - maybe two - and feel it's a privilege to have her as my friend.

Just like how I romanticise periods like Paris in the twenties, when writers and painters hung out together, had a kind of friendly competition that spurred each other, encouraged and supported each other, onto greatness, that's what I've hoped would happen with my blog. Sometimes it only got as far as the competition, but with some rare birds like Jennifer.. I just always feel good when I'm around her. I leave with my feet not touching the ground.

Top shot of Roz (Clothes, Cameras and Coffee) by Jennifer of Style East, from the post 'http://styleeast.blogspot.com/2011/03/stop-pigeon.html'. Roz, above, by me, also Day 4, LFW A/W 2011, Somerset House.


styleeast said...

OMG I'm posing?!?! I never (intentionally!) pose! Ha!

Thank you so much for this sweet, sweet post. I don't think Styleeast would still be going a year on if it wasn't for my new and lovely friends like you x

jill said...

Haha, posing is like osmosis: you hang around Somerset House long enough, you kind of become an inadvertent Poser! ; )

I feel the same way: you and all the other lovely bloggers are definitely why I'm still doing this! xx

Fashionstyle said...

Beautiful blue color !!!

Carrott said...

Aww sweet post. She looks like a really nice girl. Happy birthday to StyleEast! xxx

Corie said...

Very cute dress and nice pics!
Hope you're having a great birthday!


Unknown said...

Your photos are always amazing. Thank you so much for your comment in my blog and I already know yours and have commented when you had that nicked photo situation with Elle mgazine. xxx