triumph, and liberation

Three unrelated events yesterday, starting at 4:00, in three separate parts of town: each equally wonderfully cinematic in their own, separate ways. Spending hours going through photos, don't know where to begin, so starting with the first:

The Triumph awards, to celebrate the lingerie line's 125th anniversary. Held in the brilliant stylist Charlotte Stockdale's private home, and it was the most amazing space: I had seen it in Vogue. Flintstone walls, marshmallows dusted with pistachio and raspberry. Lexxie's nails. Catwalk show: competition of some brilliant lingerie concepts, this is the winner, by Emma Walters, called Liberation. The design was Lexxi and my first choice: it actually opens up, like wings. Art + whimsy.

Thank you to Gwyneth for the invite to this gorgeous & fun event, and for letting me bring not just plus one, but two. More coming up.


ediot said...

that sounds and looks like a nice event. thanks for sharing these stunning shots. wish you a great weekend

SabinePsynopsis said...

A book-bra... Love it! and the food looks pretty delicious, too.

Lexxi Elizabeth Davis said...

Pictures are beautiful Jill, Ha my nails! Had so much fun xx

Angela said...

Last pic especially is amazing, so inspiring! x