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I've always been the kind of girl, ever since I was very young, who likes to save the best for last. My little blonde cherub of a sister would scoff her chocolate Easter Bunny down immediately, while I'd politely nibble on the tip of an ear, carefully smooth back the tin foil wrapping, and then we'd keep it in the refrigerator: usually the deal was we could replace it with the six month old chocolate Thanksgiving turkey.

So while you might have noticed I haven't even said a peep about the royal wedding, the event on my marathon press excursion last Thursday that ended up in East London, really began with the sweetest, most beautiful of all: a champagne and canape 'hen party' in honour of Kate Middleton, our real life Cinderella, in the most fairy tale setting of all: the actual room where the Queen and Princess Margaret, would go to get fitted for their wedding gowns.

Sir Norman Bishop Hartnell was an influential British fashion designer who is perhaps most remembered for designing the wedding dresses of both Queen Elizabeth II, and Princess Margaret.

And five years ago, Juicy Couture fell in love with the space and acquired it for the London flagship store and showroom. And they made the most wonderful, very exclusive 'hen party' - in the same space that the royals would have come for fittings.

I felt so honoured to be there. It was beyond beautiful, and good friends were there, and the Juicy girls are so lovely - in every way - and I met Yaa, the charming 8 year old girl here, and her delightful mum.

And perhaps the classiest way to hold a press day: apart from the tees in the alcove where One's gown would be displayed, and the gorgeous Juicy dresses on the hostesses - there wasn't a rack of clothing in sight.

So - like the perfect canapes of smoked salmon and cucumber and rare roast beef - or the sublime pale green sublime pistachio macarons - I shall give you little tastes, tidbits of yumminess in the posts coming up.

Thank you to the gorgeous girls at the Communications Store for inviting me, and to the Juicy Couture staff for hosting a really special hen party in honour of our fairy tale come true, Kate Middleton. Hope she's having fun getting ready for her big day!


Anonymous said...

Hello it is my first time here and I love your blog. What camera do you use for your blog entry? I'm considering investing one, which brand would you recommend for a beginner like myself. Any suggestions would great.

Fashion Limbo said...

I really couldn't care less about the royal wedding, hehehhehe! There's just a media overload on possible dress designers, stories on the naughty bridesmaids, ah the bliss that reading the newspaper will be once the nuptials are over :P

Lovely post Jill, lovely pictures and I adore how you share with us what you do, where you go, and how you describe it all... even if it's about Kate & Wills :P Funny how there were no clothes racks!

jill said...

Thank you both (I don't know who that top one is!) Limbo,I felt the same way. I've always been pretty cynical about these things, even as a child. But I can't explain.. you had to be there that day,.. there was something absolutely ENCHANTING about being at the exact place where a young - future - Queen Elizabeth got fitted for her wedding dress.

I"m not even a wedding type of girl - I'm married but I wore just a simple blue dress from Barney's - it wasn't a proper wedding (I should really post about this actually) but I've got to say, aspects of this story really touch me. I like Kate, I think that has a lot to do with it. I identify with her in a lot of ways.

My camera, number person, is a simple inexpensive Canon with a 50 mm lens. I got mine used. I think it's a 50D but that's an old model. You needn't spend a lot at first, and as long as you can trust the source to buy the camera body used, I'd say go used and get a new lens. To me it's all about the lens: the 50mm makes that kind of quality that's like film.

Younie said...

Hi Jill, also a new reader here, always wondered what settings you use for your shots?

And 50mm what, f1.4? f1.8? f2.0? There's a huge difference as far as I know... but it looks like you're using f1.8, the toy lens?

slowdownapproaching30 said...

I'm pretty excited for the wedding - I love a national celebration!

I love that a brand like Juicy Couture can respect the history of it's London home. It's so important to cherish these little bits of our national culture.

I really recommend the enchanted palace exhibition at Kensington Palace - they have done a fantastic job at curating some beautiful stories of former princesses in a really unique way.