good karma

The other day - while doing a round of press day events - I saw Isabel on the street. I was leaving Moschino and she was going inside. I'm suddenly feeling the StreetStyle Shooting thing starting up for me again, and she was the first proper 'streetstyle' posed shot I did that day. We were chatting and I went to sit in the shade of a doorway, hot and thirsty, to do my nails.

I don't know if this is a direct Karmic result of making a new friend, but suddenly, a very elegant silver haired gentleman in a suit opened the door of the stoop I was sitting on, and asked if I'd like a glass of water. I was totally blown away. He came back a minute later with the most delicious, ice cold glass, in a good quality, crystal tumbler. I felt like I had stumbled upon an oasis in a desert. On Conduit Street. Turns out I was sitting on the stoop for Sotheby's: their real estate offices. 'The serious part', my second new friend said.

And while I was drinking my cool clear water, who should happen to pass but Isabel! She's just started working at Conde Nast - loves it there - and is such a sunshiney smiley soul. We chatted a bit more and I told her about Chanel: I hope she got there in time.

Granted it's a rather lame Karmic story, as Karmic stories go, but if you want to read some really good ones, CLICK HERE and read the comments, they're really good. And while you're at it: might as well try for tickets! If you've never trashed a hotel room, you can always tell me how you would, or why not. And if you don't believe in Karma, I'd like to hear why not!

Here's the thing I feel about Karma: she can be a bitch, but not if you treat her right.

Hope you're too busy having fun this weekend to read this: it is gloriously sunny - such a treat because I was really hoping to be back in Miami/Palm Beach right now - with Mr. Dot - and we couldn't go. But I had a good attitude about it, and now England is bathed in freaky Florida sunshine: evidences once again of Good Karma in action.


adrielleroyale said...

I love her outfit, it's simple yet elegant and makes her look very tall! :) She's beautiful!

As for Karma, I believe in it in a sense, but usually just call it a consequence instead. If that consequence doesn't come and bite you in the tush for something bad or not so nice that you've done, then I guess I call it grace. If you do something good and don't get anything good out of it, well then that just sucks but you gotta keep being that good person you are anyway. There are so many terms out there to describe things that occur in our lives, that I think we all just pick whichever one we like best. The problem with karma, just like anything, is that it's not fool proof. It doesn't work like putting oil in a car and taking good care of it so that you can have a dependable vehicle - there are no guarantees that if you do A. then B. will happen. So to make a long story longer... I guess that means I don't really believe in karma as I see it/as a rule. I believe we do the best we can and sometimes we are rewarded for it and then sometimes we get cheated. How's that for an explanation? lol Sorry so long winded ;)

Matthew Spade said...

i dont think it's lame, it's good and so is the chap with the water

ediot said...

i really like her casual chic outfit. i want a skirt like that. i want tons of maxi skirts this spring actually. there is especially one from h&m upcoming "conscious collection" that i want so so bad..
hope you had a good weekend dear