oh so coco

What IS it about Chanel? Just the sight of those interlocking C's.. or that simple white San Serif font, all caps, on a black shopping bag.. I have known Chanel, not the person, not personally, but that standard, that ideal of perfection, all my life. And I'm probably older than most of you reading this (except for you, Mom!) and yet most women - and gay men - have also 'known' Chanel all their lives. And still, there is something so heady, so.. otherworldly, about stepping into my first Chanel press day, with Charlie May, last week. The same day I went to Mawi, and Start, and Rupert Sanderson.. the day of the Good Karma glass of water outside Sotheby's.. it's starting to feel, for me, that that was just the quintessential PERFECT PRESS DAY, and it started at Chanel.

I can't imagine not loving Chanel. Not just the person, the oh so Coco (who I keep picturing as Audrey Tautou: it's making me want to see the film again). The brand. As a concept. The clothes. The colours of the nail varnish, for goodness sake! Even the taste and texture of those little crab canapes.. or the beautiful jackets the Chanel girls were wearing.. while shooting the biker jacket I eavesdropped two fashion insiders - mature, stylish women - talking with authority about Karl Lagerfeld. I felt like a spy and was wishing I had a tape recording device in my wristwatch. I had to resist the urge to take out my ever present notebook and jot things down. Words like 'genius' and 'strength to strength' were batted about like a birdy in a badminton game on a summer's lawn. I have so many images from my time in that small sunlit room, these are just a few. Pink hair is George's, aka Georgina Langford, aka Glitterbird, who assists Melanie Rickie, 'fashion editor at large' at Grazia. George, on the other hand, goes by the title of 'fashion junior at large', and is fabulous.

I defy anyone reading this to tell me, in all honesty, that you don't love Chanel. I mean, you can say 'oh S/S 2010 wasn't my favourite' or whatever but really: it's like not liking chocolate. Or sunsets. Or whiskers on kittens. But I bet there are people out there who don't get it about Chanel, and I welcome your opinions.

Thank you to all the team at CHANEL: more coming up.


style odyssey said...

well, jill...you know i love chanel nail colors as much as the next female. for me, the appeal is in the packaging, uniqueness of colors, and that chanel quality (yes, those polishes go on like butter. or cream). i'd like to think it's not the hype that gets me wanting the next bottle...but it doesn't help that chanel creates a marketing frenzy with their "limited-edition" rumors. whatever. i love the polishes, and that's that. i'm also quite partial to chanel sunglasses and makeup.

and i agree there's something almost mystical about the tweedy suits in particular- so timeless and chic. anyone who's ever run their hands and eyes over a chanel garment knows what i'm talking about. the fabric, design, shape and cut are exquisite and unforgettable.

of course there's the status thing with chanel, but one thing i admire is the label is not too heavy-handed with logos. when they do cross into LV-land (you know what label i'm talking about!) it's forgivable because it's not what they normally do.

another lovely post, jill. the compositions are pleasing, for we see just glimpses of the whole, and it somehow seems quite personal, intimate. i like it. i can't wait to see more!

thanks for another sweet comment! i'm glad you informed me of the missing images. photobucket has been having tech issues today. fingers crossed it's sorted by the morning!


style odyssey said...

p.s. and chanel fragrances...oh yes. i'm addicted to coco eau de parfum!

Pearl Westwood said...

I don't like Chanel one bit,
ha ha you know how much I love Chanel it is the quality, the cut, the details no one can match it, no one even comes close.

Ana Frost said...

Hello dear Jill :-)
What can I say about the great woman she was...simply: visionary,singular and strong. As Chanel label no one,time change, people change but her label is like she was unique. A label grandmother´s, mother´s and daugther´s loves. Unfortunatelly a great woman who dont had luck in the "love". I can´t remember if the frase "A woman dont need a man to be happy" was from her. (?)

Shopgirl said...

I have a whole collection of Chanel polishes - they are the most luxurious things I own!! Always feel a little bit special when I buy one :) Totally agree with Style Odyssey on that one.

You lucky thing, going to the Chanel press day. Such a wonderful experience!! The brand is so iconic :)

Unknown said...

I just love that pink hair... Seriously contemplating getting my own hair candy flossed! So cool.


Andie said...

Love Lagerfeld. Love Chanel the brand. However, not a big fan of Chanel the person—mostly because of her Nazi affiliation during WWII.

I realize this was a long time ago and I do hold a very high respect for the brand and even the innovations Coco Chanel brought to women's fashion. However Coco the person? Meh. I guess I kind of feel like she gets a free pass, more often than not with the same people who blast John Galiano as anti-semetic.

Sorry to get all political on your post though! The pink hair is fabulous!

Style At Every Age said...

Your not older than me! How wonderful a Chanel press day! A 2.55 has been top of my wish list for years!