pixie + alice + the boys: ckone: 14.04.11

I've seen Pixie & Peaches around town - I remember turning down a side street off the King's Road one Good Friday & there they were with their Dad, Bob, and a whole gaggle of girls: everyone just giggling away, really natural, really warm - but I always assumed, I dunno, that she was just famous cause of her dad. I'm sure that's what made her famous to start, but I didn't realise until watching her and Alice Dellal DJ @ the ckone party Thursday night: she's actually.. she's like an actress. She SHOULD be an actress: I wish more people could see how cool she is, just so warm and fun.

I was hanging out with Estelle at that point, and David and Jennifer (Style East) just by the side of the stage, and I went to the front to shoot (they were confiscating cameras: even if we were asked by MTV to shoot, we couldn't, but phones were allowed). Alice was totally serious: checking her notes, just head down, doing her DJ job: I'd be the same way. But PIXIE.. the guys were dancing around - I WISH I could link the music, it was brilliant - stripping down to their Calvins, and suddenly, it got really tribal: they started this kind of mating ritual with Pixie. I felt like I was watching a David Attenborough film.

Spent most of yesterday transferring dozens of photos to the laptop via bluetooth: one by one. I can't show them all here but it was fascinating to watch. Even if the shots are blurry. Apologies to that in advance but hey, it was either that or risk losing my camera!

Oh btw: ckone popup shop is up til just tonight, maybe tomorrow, so the Dot & I are heading there today. It's such a cool space, and I love that little lane, right off Brick Lane: best place for street shooting. It's like shooting fish.

If you can't get to the shop - if you're not in London - then definitely get into the ckone box.


staklene bombone | hard candies said...

blurry pics make it even better! I don't know whether david attenborough would be satisfied, but I absolutely love it! the pictures say: we had a damn good time:)


Anonymous said...

Wassup with the blurry photographs? No camera or what, you can work out a shutter speed, WB balance and ISO on your phone. Pixie is famous not because of her dad but in relations to her mum's death, google Paula Yates. I'm shocked you didn't know why the Start boutique was called START, better do a quick research b4 you post about it, one word 'ignorant'.

jill said...

Thanks, Savez! We all did have a damn good time indeed!

Anonymous: sorry you're having a bad day. And sorry you don't like my blog. Here's my suggestion: next time post us your full name, and home address, and we'll send you your money back.

adrielleroyale said...

RE: cowardly rudeness: LMAO!! And that is why I love ya Jill :)