class couple

Ran past this couple - literally - between press events on Picadilly, and then, like one of those sixties cartoons, ground to a halt and asked to shoot them for my blog. What caught my eye was their matching tee shirts, and they way their styles were compatible and in harmony. She was carrying flowers and they were just so chilled and good together.

I've been thinking recently about how you never know about a couple, or a marriage, and sometimes, not even if you're in one. I also feel like, in a parallel universe, our first loves - or our second, or third - that we kind of carry on a life with them. There are so many choices we make in life, but the choice who to mate for life with: that's a big one. I'm glad that I'm still friends with, or have parted on friendly terms with, all my ex's. Or.. all the big ex's. ; )

I also have many friends who were college and even earlier - high school sweethearts, and they're still together, still in love, kids growing up, still going strong. I know I haven't even mentioned once, the royal wedding (when I was in Florida someone asked with a smile if I was 'going to the wedding' and I said 'which wedding?' - it seemed that Americans were more interested in it than we were here) but now that it's coming closer to the time.. hey, people like Kate, and Will - neither of whom I've met, of course - just seem such genuinely nice and compatible people. There's not much to say, really, except if you haven't already seen it, check this out.

Lu and Shun are students at the Imperial College of Science, near us: I used to swim in their pool before we joined our gym. I know you never know, and I don't know anything about them - for all I know, he could be her brother - and you can read anything into any photo, look at the tabloids - but there's something about these two, on a sunshiney day, that just makes me smile.


Anonymous said...

They would have caught my eye too! What a cute couple.


Laura. said...

love these comme des garcons shirts! They do look cute together.


style odyssey said...

They are so cute- couple or not.
Look at her handbag! The color is so feminine with the edgier hardware...it really caught my eye. I like how it doesn't "match" her outfit.

Kimberlee said...

I love a stylish couple! Amazing ;)

NRC♥ said...

soo cute and I love photos that make you wonder!

adrielleroyale said...

cute couple! :)