a rose by any other name: enigma

Saw Disney Roller Girl yesterday and the first thing we said to each other was 'I can't stop thinking about Aqua.' I keep reliving the experience in my head all the time. We'll be watching a film or something and I'll suddenly ask 'Did I tell you about the king crab tempora that shatters like fine porcelain and then is the sweetest softest crab?' Navah laughed: she's going thru the same thing!

That dinner, we agreed, was the best meal of our LIVES. A feast that included crispy pork bellies with langoustines that looked like conceptual art, sushi that looked like the most tropical floral arrangement and tasted like HEAVEN, and an array of desserts that included possibly the best cheesecake ever (to get an idea, here's the current dessert menu).

That's a phrase that cracks my siblings and I up: once in Boston, we were at some poncy restaurant and there was something on the dessert menu we didn't understand. Our waiter explained: 'It's lighter than a cheesecake, but heavier than a mousse.' We looked at each other quizzically and ever since, that's our phrase to describe.. an enigma.

AQUA is comprised of three enormous, separate, beautiful worlds: KYOTO, which is Japanese, NUEVA, Spanish, and SPIRIT, which is the bar. So cool.

Thank you to Amy and of the Communication Store, and especially, the chef and staff at AQUA KYOTO: bless you all.

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SabinePsynopsis said...

I want to go there! I would even pay for it... It's probably hellishly expensive... mmh. xoxo