startlets and stripes

A friend asked me recently 'what is Start?' and I don't know how to answer that. The short answer is Start is a shop that sells clothes, shoes, fragrances, jewelry, bags.. but it's more than that. For Starters (sorry!) the staff are so fun and stylish and friendly, so it's like.. a club. A cool club with no Mean Girls allowed. I can't get over how this boutique space has such a great eclectic collection of gorgeous stuff. And I haven't even touched on the reason for that particular party: saving that for its own post.

From top: Startlets Philippa, then Rebecca with the bob and the print on print that works so well, then Lexxi, honorary Startlet and guest.

Thanks to the Harriet, another Startlet not pictured here, for inviting me. START LONDON is on Rivington Street near Hoxton Square.


Shopgirl said...

I feel like this a club that I want to be a part of :)

Stripes are filling my wardrobe right now and that striped top at the top (!!) is just perfect :) And
Rebecca's bob - LOVE! Just had my hair chopped off (to my shoulder - so not v far!) and thinking I should have been more adventurous!!

Fashion Limbo said...

Niiice pictures, in love with the sun glasses and the earrings with the pink stone, too pretty..

Had never heard of Start, so thanks for the tip ;)