While Adrian and I were walking about the crowd on the Mall, having all these wonderful conversations and encounters with people, this woman - Erica Hughes, from Yorkshire - especially captured my heart. She had found a prime front row spot, along with her husband (who had gone for a walk when I met her), and tonight, they will be sleeping there, as they did thirty years ago, with their children.

Delightful, delightful lady, and I hope she and her husband warm and rested and comfortable tonight in their sleeping bag on the hard ground and tomorrow, when I watch it on TV, I will be with her, in spirit.

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Anonymous said...

I know a woman who will be celebrating her 80th birthday by travelling into town with her husband to watch the wedding procession, just as they did with Diana's wedding, and I think she said the Queen's wedding too! I personally couldn't care less about the whole event, but I think it's wonderful how much it means to some people.