window dressing: carrie does D&G

Things seem to come in threes, and last Thursday I had three events at once. You've seen some of the Triumph one, the 2nd was Dolce and Gabbana's press day, which they did with a fun twist: chose a few special bloggers to design their windows. Carrie, of WishWishWish, was one - her friend (and mine) Snippets of Shiny Thoughts Lucy came to help - cause when she arrived there was a definite Papp vibe. The party was brilliant fun - I met the most fabulous woman, Reymonde, who was such a delight she'll get her own post.

Loved how the Dolce & Gabanna boys chose to take their shop on Bond Street - which is so elegantly dramatic, all black and crystal chandeliers - and juxtapose the champagne with street food from their home part of Italy, i.e. the Southern region. Heavenly rice balls with cheese and vegetables, served in cupcake papers. Ham and cheese crotinis and the lightest deep fried potato fish fingers, served in fish and chip wrappers. I actually stowed a few away in my own (non D&G) handbag, to eat while waiting for the bus to go to my next event.

As I left, the girls at the door said 'don't go, the Celebrities are coming' but frankly, Carrie is Sleb enough for me. I did miss seeing the final product: her window. Today's the last day and since I've got ANOTHER dental emergency - shattered my opposite tooth, I've got jagged edges of porcelain ripping my tongue to shreds - I'm going to stop by Bond Street on the way & see if I can get a few snaps before it ends today.

Thanks Dolce, Thanks Gabbana: you boys sure know how to throw a great party!


A La Mode said...

Wow Jill, these photos are so stunning. I am so jealous, look at that mountain of Champagne!!
Carrie is such a beauty, I love her sheer top; classic and elegant.

the nyanzi report said...

I was supposed to come to this thing but got held up at another thing nad missed it! It's been great to get to see the proceedings of the evening through your eyes and witty writing.

style odyssey said...

pretty photos. it looks like a fun time! i love seeing all those rows of champagne glasses. :)

Anonymous said...

Hmm some of the photos are very unflattering and warm, you should set the white balance in Tungsten Light to cool the environment otherwise they would have looked 'baked'

Phyllisa said...

Good luck with the tooth!!