hot ticket

You're invited to a party. Yes, you. And you.

I'm giving away two tickets to the following:

what: LARA STONE's party (ck one/mtv)
when: 14 April, 2011 (Thursday) 8:00 - late
where: VILLAGE UNDERGROUND, Shoreditch, London, England, the World
why: launch of ck one's first ever lifestyle apparel line of jeans & undies
inspiration: ck one fragrance
hosts: MTV & ck one Push Party

refreshments: open bar


You have to answer one of the following questions in the comments section. But hurry: this offer won't last. Your choices are:

a) Have you ever trashed a hotel room? (If so, where, when & why)


b) Do you believe in Karma? (If so, can you give a recent example)

That's all there is to it. I'll be there, taking pictures. I've already been to the pop up shop - met the team setting it up, it's at the Truman Brewery - opened today and will be there til the date of the party, 14th April, so get your boney asses down there, boys & girls.

Anything else I forgot? Oh yes, click here for the ck one VIRTUAL CUBE.

I'm a NY girl, so of course Calvin Klein and I go way back. And MTV has always had a place in my heart, because when I started out as a graphic designer, I worked one-on-one with a very cool (& cute) animator, doing the first animations for a start up company called MTV. Bob Pitman used to come to the loft in Soho, with the animator and his girlfriend's pet rabbit running around the place, chewing up the electric cords. So for this to come full circle.. how could I say no.

So I'll be there. The question is, will you?


Mulika Harnett said...

The fact that I am not in the country for this makes me sad :(

I would have answered a) B&B in Bournemouth. Rabid owner with issues against post midnight drunken noise and impromptu lesbian led get-down.

I went passive aggressive / middle class with my trashing. Bought a couple of Tuna sandwiches, used pen knife to make fine incisions in various room furniture and stuffed as necessary.

Aaah, still gutted it won't be me but have plenty of fun :)


jill said...

Oh Mulika that's a fabulous answer! And it's my first comment! Too bad MTV can't fly you in from wherever you are. Well you still get top marks in my book. Will check out your blog now - was just about to shut the laptop off when this ping'd in.

Mulika Harnett said...

My imagination dares to mock me ' MTV, think about it...'

I hope I have not made the blackberry ping again otherwise I shall be apologising twice! Well, I am still collecting my top marks in your book, with pride. Thank you very much!

And your comment about shooting made me squeal!


Kiran said...

Yes I believe in karma! Because everything you put out into the world has a consequence. While leaving the office yesterday I let the lift doors close on my boss even though I saw her trying to get in, and then I proceeded to get stuck in the lift. It took me 2 hours to get out and I'm sure she went home laughing! Thats karma...FML!

Anonymous said...

The event does not appeal to me.

Katie said...

I'll be on holiday on that date but couldn't resist answering.

I've never trashed a hotel room because I do believe in karma, my little sister used to be a cleaner at a hotel and I always think of the girl on minimum wage who'll have to clean up after me! Guess I'm just too nice (haha)


the nyanzi report said...

This is going to be THE THING that people will talk about for days to come. See you there...I'll be the crazy dude outside with a huge camera trying to shoot the cool and beautiful...

jill said...

Dude, you don't have to be outside: answer one of the questions, you might actually get inside.

Katie it's a shame you'll be on holiday - but I hope it's somewhere lovely - but I love that answer, and top marks for answering both in one sentence!

Anonymous: thanks for sharing.

Kiran: that is BRILLIANT! Talk about instant karma. You didn't leave any contact details: did you want to go for a ticket?

the nyanzi report said...

Ooops I got so carried away and didn't answer the questions:

I believe in Karma. Recently, I helped push a disabled lady in a wheelchair that was lost on Oxford street trying to find the number twenty-five bus to taker back home to Illford from Tottenham Court Road, and, later that day, I picked up a twenty pound note on the street in Carnaby street...

A La Mode said...

I saw that massive billboard off Brick Lane yesterday, i'm loving how 90s it all looks. I feel like i'm going back in time!

Unknown said...

Ah this sounds so fun! I'm even gonna be in london for that one week only! Is that a sign?
I would like to believe in karma. It keeps you thinking about your actions.
I'll answer A) though- I've accidentally trashed a hotel room! When younger I went to the Lake District with my family. The hotel was a family run small place, with frilly flowered furniture and slightly mouldy-smelling shag carpets. Considering our budget, that was expected! I went into my room, drew the curtains and prompty pulled the curtain rail out of the wall! I then sat down on the bed in surprise and... broke the bed base. My sister was sharing my room and proceeded to nearly pee herself laughing as I had to go explain to my parents and the owner that I had destroyed our room within 5 minutes of entry! It felt like I was in an episode of Fawlty Towers! I wasn't flavour of the month. with either my parents or the hotel owner that trip.

Unknown said...

Ooo this is great. i'm gonna answer B

I do believe in karma and my sister helped me confirm this belief. I was buying a new laptop charger for myself online and my sister asked me to get her one as well. But i refused because i did not want to have to pay for two. Even after she pleaded. Well when the charger came it was the wrong one and there were no proper refunds! So yeh karma! always do nice things for your sister. (p.s i love my sister. I was just having one of those days).

Lola x

Carrott said...

Uhhh yes! I want to go! And meet you!
I'm gonna answer B, I do believe in Karma. I've been a very good daughter since I came to London, responsible, not spending much, working hard and all that. And last weekend I bumped into one of my favourite bands drummer in Topshop. I must be doing it right!

jill said...

Oh these are great answers: Carrott there you go: Good Girls do get good things coming their way - look @ Kate Middleton.

And Lola: live & learn ; ) 'Even after she pleased'. Cute.

But Laura.. I don't want to judge before all the entries are in, but the fact that you had me laughing so hard I nearly peed, too, definitely guarantees you're in.

David: is this a true story or are you just sucking up for a free ticket? : )

and I might be able to get more than two tickets to definitely keep those comments coming! It's not too late. It's never too late. Okay, April 15th would be too late. xx

Kiran said...

Sorry forgot the contact details lol! I would LOVE to go, and can be in London anytime :-). kiranmray@hotmail.com!

SabinePsynopsis said...

Me, I constantly trash hotel rooms. Habit of mine.

Aahh, just kiddin'. When I have the chance to stay in a hotel I'm normally so happy I'll leave everything well standing. xoxo

myself said...

Hey there !

I've been reading your blog in prep of my first (!!!!) visit to London (I live in Seattle) and I'd love to score these tix!

We're sort of a metaphysical bunch out here in the Northwest. I think most true Seattleites are down with the what-goes-around-comes-around philosophy. The reason I know it's true? I was contemplating going from pescatarian to full
vegetarian and giving up fish ... But while doing so was prepping salmon for dinner (one last hoorah I guess). I was deep in thought about kindness and not harming animals when the knife I was using went right thru the tip of my finger.

It seemed like a pretty clear message to me.

On the other hand, a Buddhist monk told me that the karmic reward for patience is beauty. I now stand in queues with a whole different mindset ....

Thanks for giving me a shot !

Cassidylaura @ yahoo.com

Koy Anthony Spencer said...

I really enjoy reading your blog. I am so jealous of your life *gives evils* lol.

But yeah, I 100% believe in Karma. The most relevant example of karma affecting me occurred last year when I went skiing in northern Spain (I know Spain isn't the typical place you think of for skiing but, it was really good- Um, I digress). Ahem, so basically, as this my second ski trip, I was quite experienced (read: not at all experienced) and managed to keep the falls, tumbles, trips and slips to a bare minimum UNTIL the day before we went back. I got to the top of the ski lift (the ones you put between your legs and they drag you up) and as I turned to go down, I heard the sounds of skis clicking together; it was a child on the floor that had fallen. The child behind the one that had fallen was so surprised that rather than letting go and moving, he flew right into the child on the floor and in turn fell over himself. Now, I'm sure can see where this is going. One child after the other, slammed into the heap of kids on the floor. Some tried to be slick and slide round whilst still holding onto the rope. No even. I have honestly never seen anything like it. Me and my Step-Brother were in fits of laughter, cackling away. I am genuinely still thankful that we were there to witness it lmao. One of the kid's Dad was scowling at me for laughing at the 9 child-strong pile but obviously I wasn't bothered. Now, here's where Karma thought it would introduce itself to me: the second I turned to go down the slope, I fell FLAT on my face and in the process snapping my ski stick and really hurting my ankle. Definite ''FML'' moment. Probably one of the most embarrassing moments of my life. My Step-Brother was obviously a big help....bent over cracking up. The Spanish Dad laughed and muttered something under his breath that I can only assume was ''Yeah, serves you ******* right!''. In Spanish of course. Definitely a lesson learned. Cheers for that, Karma! Next time I'll just go and help instead of laughing O_o.

Eeeek! Sorry for the essay lol. Lara Stone is one of my favourite models. Along with; Jourdan Dunn, Natasha Poly, Irina Kulikova and Karlie Kloss. Thanks for the opportunity. Even if I don't win, re-living that moment makes me laugh to this day. :)

Twitter: @KoyisPsionic


a) Have you ever trashed a hotel room? (If so, where, when & why)

Yes, i had consumed far too much alcohol to know why, however it was at a small hotel in brighton. I doubt it had enough calibre to be deemed a hotel, perhaps a B&B is more fitting. I do remember my dog pooping on the stairs and a member of staff slipping on it! full responsibility was taken the following morning, so were many alka seltzers!

I'll answer both

b) Do you believe in Karma? (If so, can you give a recent example)

I do believe in Karma, for the simple reasons of when I do something bad to someone it tends to happen to me later on in life. So I now stick to my mantra, treat people as you wish to be treated!



jill said...

Oh, dear, these are all so GOOD.. I don't know how I'm supposed to decide. Seriously. I might have to choose the old fashion way: write your email addresses on bits of paper and put in a hat.

I'm going to see if MTV will let me have more tickets... !!!

Louis Lloyd said...

Good questions!

I have never trashed a hotel room, although I would love to!

I have a good karma story though, from a few summers ago, when I was outside the pub, and across the road these two tramps, one of which was a woman and the other was a guy with one leg! So me and a friend went over to break it up, seeing as the one legged guy had been dragged out of his wheelchair, and after stopping it and helping the man back into his chair, he thanked me by punching me in the face and wheeling off in the other direction! Although some other people had called the police and they, funnily enough, had no problem in finding and locating the one legged bandit!

Keep up the good work and I hope you pick me! ;)


jill said...

Louis, I'm sorry... this is so wrong of me... I was in the midst of editing photos when this popped in and I'm laughing so hard.. am I a bad person for finding this hilarious??!!

I honestly don't know how I'm going to whittle it down to 2. I think I can make it three, but even then.. HELP!! Anyone reading this can you help me come up with a criteria? Everyone's is so so good.

Estelle Chemouny said...

I believe in Karma, I can even say it controls my life!
When I arrived in London, I was partying, not working, doing whatever I want without thinking of consequences so obviously I haven't met the right people, I was surrended by bad influences ... My life was a disaster, I was not thinking about the future, I was just enjoying my life, so many bad things happened ( example: someone stole my bag with my rent inside, 2 days after I lost my flat!)
After almost a year I decided to calm down, to clean my phone book, start a new life... A few weeks after all my new good actions I met a good guy who his my boyfriend for a year! I just learned that you have to deserve the good things, life is not about luck, it's just about Karma!

All these words, to say I truly believe in Karma, that's simple : Bad action=> worst reaction, good action=> best reaction !
That's even why I've got a tatoo with the word Serendipity, and the name of my blog as well!



the sculpted heel said...
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the sculpted heel said...

I do believe in Karma! I always try to be as nice to people as I hope to get in return. I suppose a recent example would be that I have just signed up to do a 5k walk for a charity close to my heart (Parkinson's UK) on May 7th and it would be amazing Karmic balance if I won these tickets!

And my boyfriend once completely trashed his own rented flat, and probably a hotel room or two, in his many years of being a musician so between us we've done both haha!

Please pick us, we live round the corner! :)

Lara xx

Troyfuss said...

I once laughed because a pigeon flew into a window. Upon getting back to its feet it flew off and had a poo on my burger. I believe this was Karma at it's finest hour


Anonymous said...

a) I havent trashed a hotel room, but I have made my mark on a hotel lobby in Valencia. I drunkenly tripped over my own feet, managed to break a bottle of red wine on the floor as well as every eyeshadow and blusher I own. Couldnt even help them clean it up or run away because the trip caused me to sprain my ankle.