more scenes from the mall: orange you glad

This is such fun.. going thru the shots I took today - went walking through the crowd with Adrian, my friend of SnappyLifeStyle, while the BBC is on. They're saying the Queen and Prince Philip have just left a dinner at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel. That's where I had the most wonderful time a year or two back, when my brother was recording here and my niece was staying there and the two of us were being 'fairy princesses' in their suite in one of the towers.. oh and to think that Kate and her family are in the same hotel that my husband has meetings with his business partner in.. everything feels so connected, so warm and friendly.

The sweet couple in orange are from Amsterdam. The other shots.. there's a story. I'll tell you tomorrow. (Hint: it has to do with Kate's dress. No, not THAT dress. The other one. The one that started the fairy tale ball rolling).

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