all that glitters is not lame

Funny old world.. Sabine (Psynopsis), my lovely friend, commented recently that she's 'a little afraid of yellow' and I know what she means: that hard, fully saturated yellow is one of the most difficult colours, mainly because it's almost impossible to go head to toe without anything black, and if you do, you're veering dangerously close to bumblebee territory. Or NY taxicab.

But pale, lemon yellow.. and gold.. ooh la la!

And it's uncanny, how.. visionary Peter Philips, Global Creative Director of Cosmetics for Chanel, is with capturing our collective imagination. It's like a chicken/egg thing: I honestly don't know if I'm in the mood for a certain colour because Monsieur Philips decided six or eight months ago that I would, or if he is able to instinctively tap into our dream state - where I believe all creativity is born, like some kind of Eden-like pool - and just know that right now, what we want to wear, with all our white and shades of cream, is pale yellow, and nails tipped as if with molten gold.

Actually you can see how truly charming he is in a video on Nowness: Beautiful Dreamer.

I had a bottle of gold nail polish just like this, and I"ve looked in my nail polish shoe box and can't find it. Rather than get on the Chanel waiting list, I'll just keep my eye out for someone else's version. Probably, no doubt, a pale imitation, but still.

From top: someone at the Converse party, in lemon midi pleated skirt and sneakers; Stephen Jones' creation as part of the Smythson tribute on display at the Bond Street flagshop store (see previous post: Smitten with Smythson), and, above, just a sneak preview of Jessica de Lotz's work, also part of the Smythson series. We have an absolutely darling mutual friend, Gwyneth Harrison, and if all goes according to plan, I'll meet Jessica at Smythson's tomorrow and she can tell me more about her work, which is mainly jewelry, but really unique, quirky, creative, charming. Actually.. if you'll be in the neighbourhood, pop on down to the Bond Street shop from 5:00 PM (they're open late tomorrow), see the collection and meet her yourself!


Veshoevius said...

I do like that pleated skirt and I love yellow but can't wear it - doesn't suit me much as I'd love it to!

style odyssey said...

i quite like what this woman is wearing. i'd never think to put it all together in that way. (for one thing, i'd probably do black shoes...) there's something very fresh about creamy, milky yellow.

or...chanel's new "mimosa" nail color. have you seen it, Jill? chanel, with their nail polishes, has this way of flirting with ugly without crossing the line. it's almost brilliant, imo. anyway, mimosa is not for me but i'm buying it for my crazy english red-headed friend who lives in south florida and always wears hot/pale, almost-scary hues on her toes (lime green, chartreuse....) she'll flip over mimosa! (i can appreciate the color, may even be tempted myself if not for the fact that i'm editing my style more these days.)

yellow will forever say "florida" to me- south florida. i used to count the yellow cars there (have you noticed how many there are?!) but that got old quickly! even our hollywood house was yellow...anyway, i've wandered off topic, big-time!


SabinePsynopsis said...

Besaid yellow trousers have arrived, and now I'm truly frightened - it's exactly what you call 'hard, fully saturated yellow'. Adding black is definitely out of the question - but gold maybe? You are giving me ideas, Jill! xoxo

jill said...

Ooh I love a style challenge! Sabine I'm going to go thru your blog and choose coordinating (or, non-coordinating) items from your posts.. what a great idea.

Stephanie: just left you long comment on yours, but to add: I wish I saw your Hollywood house in yellow - can I see photo?

V: I swear I was just thinking about you today! & I can't tell if it suits me or not.. I have an old vintage dress somewhere, I'm going to pull it out and see. Thanks for stopping by! xo

b in the making said...

LIKE the skirt, top, shoes, necklace, bag! Well...everything. A relaxed yet interesting style.

San said...

Well, she doesn't seem to like what's in the cup.
Love the second picture.

Thank you for stopping by. Your comment meant a lot, I had a crappy day. Anyway, nothing that a bottle of wine and "Bewitched"(60ies version, I just can't stand Will Ferell and a dumb Samantha!) and "I dream of Jeannie" can't put right again. ;-) And this is why I stop now, drunk comments aren't exactly favourable. ;) Or princess like. ;) *snicker*

R. said...

Nicole nail color has a "Not a Gold Bigger" out in Justin Beber's 2nd collection, around $8.00 USD that is muted and looks sort of like an antique gold. Might be close to Chanel's color. Don't ask me why Justin Beber has a nail color collection, but the color doesn't look 'teenagery' on.

Kazuko said...

oh that collar is precious!

have to agree with style odyssey: chanel and their nail polishes... no other company creates hues as fantastic and unique as chanel. for me they are sometimes like an accessory i can build a whole outfit around! :)

i used to consider yellow only as a colour for accessories. but that pale yellow skirt... would be worth a try.

Fashion Limbo said...

Have to agree with the scary yellow theory, it's not easy to wear, and I hardly brave it with that colour ;P
Really like the skirt in the 1st picture. ABout the nail polish, I love, love, love Chanel's shades, but still haven't find copy-cats I can afford and that actually look that good :(

style odyssey said...

I'll tag you in a photo (Hollywood house, aka the Mango House) on FB tomorrow.
'night! xo