aqua marine life (big fish)

My wonderful blog friend (who feels like a real friend) Stephanie, of Style Odyssey, said recently her favourite colour is aqua, and it's mine, too. I was down on the beach, swimming & watching Mr. Dot fish (tee shirt from his favourite company, Blue Marlin, at Barneys NY, linen drawstring trousers, also Barneys, own brand: Co-op, both several seasons old, nearly vintage!), when Carol approached with her family (you can see them in the distance). I noticed her aqua attire from a distance, because it was so lovely in the light.

She happened to be carrying this sea shell by the sea shore: it wasn't posed, she was just kinda twirling it when I saw her. Met her husband & daughter, took a few shots, and they were on their way.

Moments later, seconds really: Mr. Dot was catching a fish! A big, striped bass. I've been cooking & cleaning trout he's caught for years, but never saw the actual moment of the kill. My last image - the one that haunts my dreams still - is him gasping for breath, looking at me, saying 'Jill, help me, please'.

We grilled that lovely fish on the Weber grill - his head and tail hanging off - and I've been making fish cakes & yummy things with the leftovers, ever since. In tribute to a magic night.

We leave in a few hours, and he's chomping at the bit for one more march down the 177 stairs, for one last glorious swim & stab at catching another one. Which my mother has insisted he must throw back into the sea.

It was great sharing this holiday with you all! Big kiss, big fish.


Anonymous said...

Looks like one tasty dinner!

Cafe Fashionista said...

That color is magical. It's like a crystal clear ocean. Wonderful pictures, as always! :)

Rosalind said...

Aqua is such a pretty colour! I'm really liking shades of blue at the moment, especially turquoise :)
There are some great shots here!


Ninneta - MissPlum said...

i love you....

lotta love from Indonesia...


style odyssey said...

ahhh, thanks for the mention, Jill! i think our mutual love for the color aqua has everything to do with the sea.

lovely, lovely photos...and that light! looks like my favorite time of day. carol in her aqua attire is a breath of fresh summer air.

the poor fish, i don't like watching them die, either! (although i have no problem eating them...go figure.)

Anonymous said...

Hi Jill! I really love your blog and it was beautiful to enjoy your summer ;)
I've also added your blog in my blogrolling list on my new shiny blog (I've got a lot of work to do on it!).
Hope to read some news soon!


Simon Kippin said...

Hello Jill, Wonderful pics, save for the one of an old man fishing!!

Hope you had a lovely holiday?



modediktat said...

i love this place very much. how amazing is this.
love all the pictures but especially the man's fishing! i always wanted to visit the hamptons, now i want it even more!!!