the colour of money

Mr. Dot & I were on the King's Road at the cinema, about to see Moon (GREAT film, definitely go see it!) and Petra was queuing for a ticket with a guy I assume was her boyfriend (didn't ask). I yanked her off the queue to shoot her, I love this blue with her colouring. The funny thing is, when I looked at the shot later, I love the guy in the background, but can't remember if that's her boyfriend or not. I think it might be.

I don't only shoot people - I tend to mostly shoot non-people, actually - and I've realised that when I dress, it's just an automatic thing that I'm pulling out of my wardrobe colours that make me in the mood for places, so I"m going to start including colours I find in nature or just out & about, as a kind of colour 'palette' for your viewing pleasure.

Today's colour: blue. Not the cooler blue Mr. D & I call 'Greek blue' but more.. I don't know, is it cobalt? It's just a very pure, very primary, blue.

What I love about this season - and I hope this extends into the fall - is we have so much CHOICE. We can wear black (which still looks fabulous in summer), or the pale nudes & pinks, or pale grey, charcoal, hot pinks/oranges, yellow is big either pale or deep, and then this blue. And let's not forget white, which I'm wearing a lot this week.

What colour are you wearing today?

Anyway, I love Petra's accessories. Her sister made the Yankee dollar cuff (she's English). The seascape and puppy shot are from a recent little holiday in North Wales on the Lewellyn peninsula (GORGEOUS area, can't wait to go back there). My family are calling me from the pool on the North Fork, where I'm posting, wondering why I haven't joined them yet. I am wearing a polka dot bikini that my mom bought me at Target, (shown to the right) and over it, a faded blue tee shirt from the Gap. I am accessorising with pale pink flip flops, as Scarlett's got my white Havaiainas on her little feet.


Rosalind said...

What an imaginative accessory! I love quirky things like that, what a great idea..And I like the colour blue at the moment too. There's something rather peceful but pretty about it.
Lovely post.


Pearl Westwood said...

I love blue, it can be calming, or vibrant, come to think of it I only own navy blue other than denim, maybe I need to rectify that! x

Dream Sequins said...

That blue, that cuff-- they all kill me.

Hope you had a fabulous weekend... xx D

Thumbelina Fashionista said...

Are you in NYC? If so, I'd love to meet you!!

Stephanie said...

Here is the link to the new blog:

I really love that shade of blue. I've been really into all black with pops of bright neonish colors like this.

I'm not sure how I feel about the dollar cuff, but it is unique which is cool.

- said...

funny bracelet! for some reason I want one!! hahah

Mom Fashion World said...

i love petra's dollar cuff.
she's so stylish.
i've never seen any dollar cuff before.
she looks so stunning in that blue top!

hippyhippychic said...

the cuff is really unique, i like it.
and that dog is adorable.
(: x


Unknown said...

That guty in the back ground is hilarious, and i love her cuff!

Christopher Jovan said...

great way to find new things to do with the U.s dollar. you could definitely up the value by simply accenting your everyday outfits..



It's a cute dress (and pup!)



Unknown said...

oh man i really like her shirt. its kind of long, it might pass as a dress. i really like her accessories