coral tango mall

At the place where the two forks of Long Island meet (the North Fork, and what has become the Hamptons, on the South Fork) is an idyllic area with a golf course and a park, and the start of a river. That port, which is no longer used as a port, is the town of Riverhead. And in recent years, it has become known for one thing and one thing only: Tanger Mall.

Tanger Mall is, to my mind, a freaky, scary place, where people come to shop til they drop. There is every brand, including a Barneys and a Brooks Brothers. As interested as I am in fashion and trends, I always feel that every minute I spend there is a minute spent away from the beach, the pool, or relaxing with family and friends. I have inherited from my mom a dread of shopping.

So it was a lucky surprise to spot Manuela, from NYC, in Banana Republic, looking like a sultry young Penelope Cruz. When I asked to shoot her, her face transformed to this pearly smile. In her own words: 'Yes my pink cardigan was from Gap, my headband from Roberta Freyman (its actually a sarong but I made it into a headband), then my white tanktop and my shorts were from J Crew and my shoes from Sperry Top Siders.'


Cafe Fashionista said...

The pop of color is just beautiful! :)

style odyssey said...

she is really pretty, fresh and glowing. that coral is perfect on her!
you dread shopping? lol, i became temporarily ambivalent about mall trips when i could no longer shop due to our move to the islands. then...well, as things go, i started traveling back to the US, and then went crazy shopping! i was like a kid in a candy store. this is what shopping deprivation had done to me! :)