hampton classic (or, the case of the embarrassing pants)

Job's Lane, Southampton. I love this woman's hat & top colour - my favourite pale turquoise, like oxidized copper - but I'm not endorsing this look. Just shot it because it is SO Southampton, could be circa 1976. Or '82, or '93...

File under 'some things never change'.. I can remember being 14 with my friends on this same street, and my friend Leslie was embarrassed that her dad was wearing a similar pair of loud, plaid shorts (I've seen variations on these in London, on fit guys, who were being ironic. I suspect Leslie's dad was being ironic, too, back then, but when you're 14, fathers are just embarrassing no matter what they do).

Window shopping, Jobs Lane. We were having lunch at some place like the Back Seat or the Driver's Seat, that I realised afterwards, we went to the first summer we were together. And to make things even spookier, one of my best friends, Sherri, just happened to be out there for the weekend (we were going to meet anyway, but we didn't know we were both in Southampton that day: what are the odds!), cycling with her sister-in-law. We still can't believe we ran into each other! (She was good friends with Leslie, too, and might quite possibly have been there the Day of the Embarrassing Pants).

Self portrait, shop off Jobs Lane. Green seersucker striped shorts by Mizrahi, Target (last season) and pale pink cotton cardigan, many seasons ago, the Gap.

Sherri, by the way, was wearing a light white top, nice accessories that brought out the sparkle of her blue eyes (she's gorgeous), and light grey leggings. She wouldn't let me shoot her, so you'll just have to take my word for it.


Rosalind said...

I love the hat in the first picture! Its lovely..
Thankyou so much for the really nice "hats off to.."It really made me smile! (:
Thanks again

Aline Dahl said...

I want to see more of your window self portraits. I just love them!

The Photodiarist said...

I like this self portrait. I've been known to take a few of those. So you are in Southampton! We are all back in the city now . . . end of the season.

Anonymous said...

Hi! We need street style in Melbourne AU!!! Such a fantastic city for Australian Fashion- much more so than Sydney ;-p
We are coming in to our summer now and that is when the color comes alive- in fashion and in foliage!
Between the Fashion Week, the Spring Carnival ( fashion parade with a side horse racing!) The Brownlow Medal where all the WAG's shine this is the place to be!
Any suggestions as to how to get this up and going?