re: source (babe on a bike)

You remember Kari ('sunshine', 18 August)? My fashion savvy blog-friend, Sophie, of modediktat, said that the Sartorialist 'would be envious that you've found the perfect Summer babe on a bike instead of him. Hehe...' I did offer to send it to him, but he hasn't replied just yet : )

She also wondered if Kari's dress was a Melissa Odabash tunic dress. Good guess, Sophie, but it's actually Cejon, and a it's technically not a dress, but swim cover up (she was on her way to the beach when I ran into her - not literally - in town). She said it's quite sheer in bright light, in case anyone's ordering it online. Guess I just caught the sunshine going in the right direction.

Kari's just got a few more precious days of Hampton sun, before heading back to the Big Apple, so Kari, if you're reading this, have a glorious time & swim a bit for me. It's cool & blustery here in London, but I'm not giving up on summer just yet.


Tokyo Fashion said...

Just saw this on Twitter. Cute and simple outfit (doesn't get much more simple). The flag in the background makes the overall image look sarcastic somehow - almost like a spoof political ad or something.

dot said...

Hello Tokyo!
Just happened to see this come in, right after I posted it. No, it wasn't a political spoof, altho I did 'allow' the shot to work like that deliberately. I'm American, but live in London, and was more aware than usual this trip, that in many places, American flags just seem more common. Not sure why.
Looking at your blog/site, and it looks interesting. I don't know if you do link swaps and can't figure out how to comment or send emails but whoever you are, if you'd like, get in touch (email address on my profile). thanks for visiting, thanks for your comments!

And yes, I'm always a fan of clean & simple : )

ediot said...

love that dress..so simple and chic. great to a tan..

Aquiles Damiron-Alcantara said...


This is really random, but I need to tell you.


Remember the American TV series "Friends?"

Your love story is a lot like Ross' and Emily's, simply the other way around. Emily was once a single girl in London. Ross met her in NYC. They got married, and the plan was for Emily to move to NYC....

So random, but so similar.

I enjoy your pictures....

Buenos deseos from this side of the world,


Anonymous said...

Nice look for beach coverup- why can't they make them a little less shear for everyday? This reminds me of the other coverup a week ago with a lot of lace work.
It's been really hot here in Virginia...NY was also very hot a week ago- Hope summer comes back to you in London.

Anonymous said...

very cute and summery.

I guess The Sartorialist is very busy.. :)