street stalking: mad for plaid

Picadilly, Soho.

Saw this girl with her friends, but was meeting a friend for lunch and didn't have time to stop her and do the whole polkadot dance, so just stalked her instead. It wasn't an outfit I'd particularly love in any way - that plaid patchwork pattern, and the shape of the skirt, and the old sneakers, but somehow, she seemed to glow on a dark day, a calm style icon in a storm.

Been musing on the subject of style, and style icons, and why I focus my lens on one person over another. I don't know this girl, whether she lives in London or is a tourist, but I'd bet my bottom dollar (or pound) that this girl got up that morning and pulled this dress on, realised she might be chilly and chose that jumper in a second, grabbed her bag and stepped into her sneakers and walked out the door. I'm sure she didn't agonise in the mirror whether her bum looked big, or if she was matching, or even if it was this season or not.

And that's the difference.

Or as Gore Vidal so famously put it: style is knowing who you are, what you want to say, and not giving a damn.

(I actually saw a vile woman on tv last night, being quoted at a Hampton party, saying that if she sees a woman in last season's outfit she just nods and moves on. Come on! Life's way too short!)

It's a gorgeous day here on the Fork, the birds are singing, my brother and his daughter, my 7 year old niece and BFF, Scarlett, are arriving any minute. We're gonna swim like mermaids and paint grandma's toenails in rainbow colours. Throw on any old thing, boys & girls, and go out and play!


Monika Poppy said...

aah everything is better in londn


style odyssey said...

lovely post. i am a sucker for plaid!
as for the vile woman's quote- oh, please...i'm all about mixing seasons! aren't we all? it's called having style that transcends current-season trendiness.

Stephanie said...

I am loving me some plaid lately...

And you can remove the cultureshock link if you like. That blog is R.I.P. Silvya might help on my blog a bit.

And I'll be making a links list soon with you on it! :D

dot said...

Hi Steph,

Will do. I'm typing this from my brother's laptop so I'm not signed in. Can you send me the link again to your new blog? I'll put it up instead. Thanks.

R.I.P., cultureshock. It was great while it lasted. Well if you think about it, some little bugs only live one day, but they're still having a great time while they're there!

style odyssey: Totally agree! Was thinking about you while swimming earlier, will send a message soon. xoxo

Dream Sequins said...

That woman probably wouldn't even nod at me, because I'm so past last season that it's not even funny. Haha!

I love summer plaids. They're a lovely look.

And I'm not sure if I'm going to be in London for fashion week again... I would LOVE to, but not sure it's in the cards this season :(

Rosalind said...

I agree, its the not the most unique look I've ever seen, but it just looks relaxed. A kind of understated chic. This just proves that you don't have to dress up to look great! And there is something lovely and simple about plaid..
Great post! And I agree, I love the style you find in london.. Being quite a quirky dresser myself, I tend to feel more at ease in what I'm wearing when in London. Because unique is really celebrated.


masuat said...

We guys have the "throw on anything" skill down pat. Leaving in style though, that may be another story.

TheSleekGeek said...

hey hi Jill! oh my camping trip was nice, the weather was awesome but it was really hot, so we HIT the beach! it felt so goood to swim under such hot weather!
btw, soon i'll get my exam result on wed!it means the day after tmr ;S OMG i feel like dying! please wish me the best of luck lol haha
also, i dont think i can keep updating for my blog these days, as i have to search for some schools and get well prepared. i'll be back soon ! xoxo

Unknown said...

Hey. It looks like there are lots of South Koreans, whose outfit or atmosphere were captured by you. Looking at the plastic bag (Famous duty free shop in Korea) she is carryng and her face definitely tell me that she is Korean!

dot said...

No! That's wild. I don't know what's happening but the women whose style catches my eye keep turning out to be from South Korea!

Sunyoung: I can't seem to access your blog. Do you have one? If so please send me a link - or a way to reach you! many thanks : )