yankee spirit

We were in Hyde Park on Sunday - it was glorious & warm & I swam in the Serpentine - and everyone was so stylish, so clearly glad to be alive, I shot so much I could post just on that day from now til December and still not have shown you everything. We passed this couple, George and Robin, and my husband, Mr. Dot, remarked that I should shoot her cause she's 'all in Chanel'.

Actually, her quilted black bag is classic Chanel, but the fabulous white jacket with sienna piping is 100% Zara. And I shot her because I love her style and her smile and her spirit, and I think they're a cool couple. George is American and I'm guessing Robin is, too (if she was English and her name was Robin, she'd be a guy). Also, note they're drinking Starbucks, an American brand.

I liked the way George asked, totally deadpan, if I was planning to make fun of them in my blog. I truly don't get why the Brits think we Americans don't get irony. We do. We just try to keep a low profile on the irony front, talk in ironic code amongst ourselves, and basically let it be your British thing. After all, you did lose us as a colony, it's the least we can do. We get Rhode Island, hot dogs, and Coney Island, and you get bangers and mash, and Irony.

Still loving white, by the way, especially with blue jeans. I am determined to break the rule of 'no white after Labor Day' which is easier to pull off here in London, as they don't celebrate Labor Day. How about you? Where do you stand on the No White After Labor Day rule? Do other countries have something equally ridiculous?


Cafe Fashionista said...

She is gorgeous, and I absolutely adore her style. that white blazer is simply calling my name! :)

Pearl Westwood said...

Hi Jill, Looks like we are psychic blogging again with the Chanel!! I could stare at Chanel all day long - loved the movie, but oh so heartbreaking. You should definately wear your pearls - theres a saying similar to the Labour Day rule on pearls worn before sundown and how many strands you have, but I cant remeber it exactly. Either way I love pearls all the time and love 'winter white' - rules are meant to be broken right! Hope ur well x Pearl

Anonymous said...

Of course you make fun of us.

Lina said...

omg, thanks for that lovely comment, it made my day it was so nice to read it! I'm so glad you like my blog, im new on blog and i dont really have much friends, it would be nice to know somebody.
Wow, that girls jacket is so hot, i love it.
my mother doesn't like chanel, she thinks it's repetitive - but i don't think she understands chic and elegant quality which Chanel clothing gives you.
you are such a pretty person! I am so jealous of your hair, it's so nice and curly. i got this terrible hair cut :( makes me wanna cry


Unknown said...

looks like fun xoxox

style odyssey said...

nothing ridiculous about wearing white where i live, in the land of perpetual summer. i never was good at adhering to seasonal "rules" anyway!

dot, check out this post "beachy moments" at http://www.sarahklassen.com/2009/08/beachy-moments.html. i saw it this morning, instantly thought of you! it's all aqua and sand and sea. you'll love the pics.


StyleSpy said...

I love white, too. We can squeak it out a lot longer here since it stays so hot long after Labor Day.

I have to say, in my experience a lot of Americans often don't get irony, at least that subtle British kind. (Speaking as someone whose entire life has been spent as the person whose humor no one really got, mind you...) What's been passing for irony in this country the last several years is that hipster kind of "irony" which basically just boils down to making fun of everything. ::yawn:: I'm tired of hipster irony. And no, not being ironic.