star brights

Leila, left, and Rhiannon, are models, designers, and absolute stars. This was after the KTZ show last night (Day 4 of London Fashion Week). When I told them it was my first catwalk show Leila asked if it will be my last. Absolutely not! I'm hooked. They are the nicest girls and I've been shooting them all week and can't wait to shoot them again. It was so hard to decide what to post first, but this will certainly not be the last you'll see of them on my blog. I can't post the catwalk shots now as I don't dare get started, but I will, tomorrow.

Okay, just one shot. But then that's it from me for the night! For you brilliant stars out there, your night's just beginning. But for this old married lady, it's time to chill out in front of the telly with the cat, and a nice hot cup of tea.

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