opening ceremony

Don't ask me how, but I finally remembered the name of the designer of a dress I tried on last July, at bluebird on the King's Road. It's called Opening Ceremony, and I'm keeping my eye on them. My friend Liz was trying on Vivienne Westwood for a high profile wedding @ Bleinham Palace, and to keep me amused she pointed to this dress and said 'try that on, it's so you.'

I know it's so last season, but had I bought it (I didn't even look at the price tag, but I could tell by the complicated way you put it on that it would be way out of my league) I'd still be wearing it, perhaps with bare legs and pencil heel black booties. Anyway I've been meaning to post it for ages so better late than never. Does anyone out there know them? Who ARE they? What do you think of the brand?

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