it's that christopher kane crocodile dress again

It's funny cause it always seemed to me more in the cat family: a leopard or something.

Before the Jaeger show, but after the Christopher Kane show @ Topshop HQ. Once again, the height of good manners: wearing something by the designer when attending his show. And at affordable prices, to boot! This year it's way cool to be cutting corners: I'm finding that on the times when I source an item, the pride in which they say 'nine bucks in a NY flea market' or 'etsy' or 'eBay', or they'll name the high street brand.. it's so lovely that it's cool to be watching our pennies. Or, in this case, pence.

Speaking of Kane, is this one? A real one, I mean? Anyone know? Damn, I'm kicking myself I didn't ask at the time.


Anonymous said...

Love your shots! I have this dress on right now it's so comfy as well. I like the way everyone wears theres slightly differently.
Thanks for the posts!

Green boy said...

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