droopy drawers

Actually shot this before I posted the electric blue stuff: it's a pair of leggings I bought.. oh, my, back in NY in a sample sale for a designer I don't even recall.. must have been in the 80s!! They're blue with these gold dots all over that work like velcro, so when you cross your legs and try to uncross them, they've stuck together. AND altho the whole thing is some kind of synthetic stretchy material, it doesn't stay up, so after a few hours, I'm all droopy drawers. Still, anything for fashion, right?

I wore them with my black Topshop pom pom ballet flats, but they'd really be better at night, with killer heels. Actually, something like this, which I shot a second later, at Brompton Cross:

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StyleSpy said...

Heeeeee! I'm giggling at the idea of you sitting in a cafe and noisily crossing and uncrossing your legs. Rrrrrrrip!!! Rrrrrrip!!!