star quality: milly in chanel

Milly, in Chanel, on Day Five, London Fashion Week.

At the same time & place I shot Milly, I saw another woman also sporting orange hair. In fact I saw several sightings of bright red or orange hair, which works to great effect in a sea of black and navy - either white blonde hair with red lipstick, or very henned'd hair works GREAT provided that, unlike me, the skin is very white, very pale. And sorry, no offense to anyone, but I do feel one must be young to pull this look off successfully. No, I take that back: look at Vivienne Westwood. Or Queen Elizabeth I. Don't listen to me, what do I know.

One beef I do have with Chanel: in a dress where the bold pattern is the star (sorry, didn't mean to be punny), the least they could do for what I assume is one hefty price tag, is to line up the pattern. Or at the very least, not cut off one's own, iconic logo. I could see if it were high street - JUST - but for Chanel, one expects a certain standard.

Apart from that, I love how she's accessorized it so simply: just a bit of silver jewelry, bare legs, ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS KILLER HEELS, and this season's Classic Twist: the ubiquitous black leather motorcycle jacket.

While trying to source this Chanel dress for you, (which I couldn't find, sorry girls) I did find someone in Milan wearing it November 2008, on the Sartorialist's blog. Not to go head to head with the Great Man himself, but I like Milly's look much better. What's your verdict? Which look to you prefer?


Dream Sequins said...

Very jealous of her jacket. Also: I wish I had her gams. Also: I love her fierce red hair. Also: I am a big fan of the pale blonde hair paired with an all black ensemble. A great, edgy contrast. I, on the other hand, have black hair and look a bit washed out when I do wear my beloved all black ensembles. I'm learning.

dot said...

I'm a brunette, too, and I just never got into red lipstick or anything all black. I love navy & black, or black with some white, but that fierce all black thing doesn't feel right for me, either. I find my way of standing out - when I want to, that is - is to wear nudes & beiges & whites, esp. in autumn & winter. Oh, and pastels. I love pastels with a twist, and plan to wear a lot of it now with my sequin motorcycle jacket!

Lovely to hear from you, D! ; ) I love that postcard idea, please count me in on the next one.

folktime said...

her hair is fierce! i personally like Eva's look better, its not as harsh. I love your blog! so i followed you :)