primary colours: borrough market blue

It's not quite electric blue, (apart from her bra), it's warmer, as befitting one of the last (I hope not, but let's be realistic) gorgeous days of Indian summer, in London at least. It's such a funny feeling to read Australian bloggers talking about looking forward to summer.

Last Saturday, three friends sipping champagne at one of my favourite places on the planet, on land, that is: Borough Market. I wish you could see how fabulously blue the first girl's eyes were: she had that 'black Irish' combination which apparently can be traced back to the Spanish Armada. There's a great beauty tip which I've seen some girls use: if you already have blond hair, pale skin and blue eyes, dye your hair jet black and wear tons of mascara. I personally don't colour my hair (not yet, anyway) and if you've got gorgeous blond locks I wouldn't try this trick at home, but it is a striking combination!

Some really good guesses on yesterday's quiz. You've still got time. But for those of you actually IN school: remember, girls, homework comes first!

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Cafe Fashionista said...

I so love this look. It's so carefree and casual, yet still put-together and fun! :)