When we were flying home to London, we were stranded at JFK for a really long time because of the rain. This guy managed to achieve a bored, slightly blase, approach to casual travel style. I'm linking here a favourite song: I can't figure out who's singing it but it sounds a bit to me like what's her name, who used to be married to that guy (she was in High Fidelity, and was also one of the daughters on the Cosby show).

I've got much more exciting shots coming up (I'm in a lazy blah mood today), but I know I won't be able to post much more of summer 2009: I'm already pushing it. Although I gather the end of Long Island is still having one glorious weekend coming up!

Hope you all have a wonderful summery weekend, wherever on the Northern Hemisphere you may be. And for those of you on the Southern Hemisphere, have a great weekend, too!


Aquiles Damiron-Alcantara said...

Traveling comfortable is my specialty. He is missing a pillow though, which the airline will not provide in today's market.

Summer rainy afternoons, reminders of a season that approaches its end.

It is time to welcome the cool winds of fall...

Buenos deseos,


Anonymous said...

what a hottie...wish I were 17 again...