no smoking

One thing I noticed about the Somerset House location, besides it creating such a village atmosphere because there was one entrance and it was like a cobblestone courtyard surrounded by buildings, as that, being outdoors & the weather so splendid, there was a whole lot of smoking going on.


The Photodiarist said...

The fashionistas do smoke a lot. Experienced the same thing during NY Fashion Week.

Tallulah said...

my friend alice told me about your blog- shes right, its amazing!
we went to lfw today aswell, and your right, everyone there seemed to be smoking! :O

sofiasophie said...

come on!
smoking is not cool anymore!
quit smoking everybody!!!!

StyleSpy said...

Which is a shame, because nothing ruins a look like sucking on a cigarette. Not to mention what it does to your skin. (And I'm an ex-smoker, so I can be high & mighty about it!)

Unknown said...

What I want to know is..Why is the big majority of the people in the fashion world smokers? I see most of the people The Sartorialist shoots..most smoke! Now you take these shots and they smoke! I see fashionable people here in Boston and they smoke! Fashion designers...they smoke! Why?! Lovely shots! I love what everyone is wearing in these shots! First, second and third pics I love what they're wearing. Loving the red skinnys!
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The Photodiarist said...

P.S. I tagged you with the "Over the Top" Award! See my blog for details.

Lex said...

Dear Jill! I love your blog and all the pictures of people with cool style that you post on it! you really inspired me to start my own blog and i would love if you could see it! here it is:

Thank you so much for being so inspiring!