over the top award

As fate would have it, I've been tagged twice by two separate sources, The Photodiarist AND Noemie of No's Land, with the coveted 'over the top award'. It is so unfair! We have to reply with one words answers. This is torture. But I saw that Noemie cheated in a few places, so I have, too. But only when absolutely necessary. My motto is: why give a one word answer when a paragraph will suffice?

Brevity is so not my strong point.

Where's your cell phone : nearby
Your hair : virgin*
Your mother : delightful
Your father : adored
Favorite food : sushi
Dream last night : water
Favourite drink : water
What room are you : bedroom
Hobbie : swimming
Fear : itself
Where were you last night : home
Something that you aren't : bitchy
Muffins : corn
Where did you grow up : suburbs
What are you wearing : tee
Your pets : cat
Friends : cherished
Something you're not wearing : red
Favorite store : joseph
Favorite color : blue
Last time you laughed : now
Your best friend : husband
Place you go to over and over : home**
Person who emails you regurarly : mom
Favorite place to eat : jaks

* (i.e. brown with reddish blonde highlights, but never been coloured or highlighted)
** which includes my family's homes: long island, and florida

AH!! I did it! Apart from the asterik part, of course ; )

And now I must choose 5 bloggers, which is the hardest part: there are so many wonderful people to choose from. Actually, if I was tagged twice, surely I should be allowed to choose 10, no? In no particular order:

Dream Sequins
Style Odyssey
Style Spy
Lips of London
Little Miss London
Fashion Pearls of Wisdom
Nini's Style
Fashion Chalet
Clothes, Cameras and Coffee
Cat Ludwig Studio

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