angels wear prada, too

This girl isn't a model, either. She reminds me of a young Diana Spencer, but in a good way. I recognised her skirt as Prada (vintage) and love how she's paired it with such a dissonant striped top by a Swedish brand called Weekday, cute little pink vintage Pucci clutch, and pink Alice band with a bow (She said 'I'm a very printy-Pucci girl'). And bare legs but classic with a twist black pumps: they're wedges, not court shoes. And they're Salvatore Ferragamo.

If only I could find where I wrote down her name! Now I really must get going for one last time: an end to the most lovely Fashion Week. I need to get one more yummy latte from the Lavazza truck, and thank the people working there for remembering just how I like it (two shots, an inch less milk, whole milk, not skim).

UPDATE: Just heard from her: her name is Astrid! And she's from Sweden, has been here five months, and is a student at Cordwainers shoedesign BA at London College of Fashion.


Nini's Style said...

She's so cute :-) I love her black wedge.

Style Odyssey said...

that amazing hair!! pretty.

it's so refreshing to see a mix like this put together in a seemingly random way- it really does come together so well here. i mean, stripes with that prada skirt, who would have thought of that? only someone having fun with style and not afraid to experiment. hurray!

her shoes aren't bad, either. (that's my understatement of the day, by the way.)

Cafe Fashionista said...

Those shoes are fierce! :)

Dream Sequins said...

I love her slightly awkward, vulnerable look. Definitely.

Anonymous said...

Oh thats Astrid. Gud va fint ditt hår är!


Anonymous said...

Hi again. I was just looking around and came across this picture. Yes I know her, we have a friend in common. she just moved to england from sweden. I like your blog btw :)


BobbinTalk said...

Not sure that she is an angel, but I Love the PRADA Skirt print. The pleats break the circles in just the perfect shapes!