up up & away

First, thank you all for your sweet lovely birthday wishes!! I can't tell you about my day now because I really do have to whack these up & run out the door. It's a good story tho & I promise to post on it soon.

So: Jemima and Olivia (or 'Page & Rage') as they call themselves. I first stalked Olivia (back shot yesterday) and then asked them both to shoot. It's funny: the prettier and more stylish the girls, the nicer they are!! I'm really starting to wonder if beauty truly does come from within. These girls are just so so nice, and they were on the phone making a plan (the balloons were from a whole Barclay's day last Saturday on Ken High Street, I'll be posting more shots later from that day). Notice, electric blue : )

And Jemima (Page) is wearing the exact booties I've spotted recently in a magazine, and I've asked her who made them. I'll let you know as soon as I do.* Oh and I asked them later, because it had got cold later on, weren't they freezing? And I think Olivia said, 'no, we wear short shorts all the time so we're used to it.' Like Geordies, apparently! Word is up north the girls wear next to nothing when they go out, and it's cold as hell up there. You just acclimate, I guess. It's worth the risk: there's just a small window to wear this summer's shorts with A/W's booties, so grasp it while you can, girls!

*(She got back to me right away: her black booties are from Office, and I thought something looked different, i.e. better: they had one strap too many, which she cut off. Clever girl!)

Anyway, Olivia must have been on the phone with George, because later we were in the park and saw them with some cute looking guy, and that was George. At that point they had amassed like hundreds of those blue balloons. I wanted to shoot it: the image is so vivid in my mind, the tall blond summer grass, these blue balloons.. but we were headed towards the striped chairs to have a picnic, and Mr. Dot said to 'leave them alone'. It still would have been a lovely shot so you'll just have to take my word for it, and it will help, take the shot below & picture it with grown up girls instead, a cute guy, and tons of those electric blue Barclays balloons. Oh, and Rage said after that they lost the balloons:, they escaped. Up, up, and away.

And now I can't get this song out of my head! : ) Have a beautiful sunny Monday, all you beautiful blog-friends! xoxo


The Photodiarist said...

Great post. Garance Dore also posted something about legs . . .


Cafe Fashionista said...

I just adore the two of them. They're so effortless and happy go lucky in both their personalities and their style of dress. I can imagine that they would make marvelous subjects for a photographer. Lovely photos, as always! :)

Pearl Westwood said...

It is true about us girls up North not feeling the cold, that is untill you get out of your teens, then you feel it, you really feel it. In fact I think the years you didnt feel it suddenly catch up with you as soon as you turn 20! I am 27 years old and own thermals, sad but true ;-)
Glad you had a great birthday x

Rosalind said...

Really love these photos! I think the balloons just make the images :)
What a great two girls to take pictures of!And those boots are incredibly gorgeous..
Oh,and thanks for your lovely email back! I'm really sorry that a reply hasn't been sent yet. It's been rather hectic over here! Will try to get back to you soon.. X