back to school special: today's quiz

Fingers on buzzers please: what do these three women have in common?

Part two: of the trends shown (little black booties, plaid shirts with jeans, fringe, etc) which look is more you? And, why?
(Bonus points if you can source any of the items).

Don't worry, you won't be graded. And everyone's a winner. Answers tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

sorry this is such a late response to a question you asked about when london fashion week starts on my lobg... i guess it officially starts on friday. the designer im working for has a live broadcast on the net of his show (http://www.markfast.net/home) if you happen to be on the internet that time!
your right ..the photodiarist is amazing!! i love that the stories behind the photos are there too..i always want to know about those sorts of things!!

Style Odyssey said...

the first look is probably the most "me". although there are elements in each which i relate to.
terrific post, J!
and...aren't they all the same woman? if not, they sure look alike.

Cat Yan said...

Black with gold detailings. Do I win? ;)

Just dropping by to say hi.

Ciao bella,
Cat @ CoolHunt

dot said...

knitkick: thank you, will definitely check it out. you know i love your blog & how you focus on knitwear, it's brilliant.

S.O>: thanks dear Stephanie! & very very close! : )

Cat: what a delightful surprise to see you here! how was hawaii?
your answer is absolutely correct! it's not what i was thinking - i guess i'll wait a while and report the answer later - but you're definitely a winner (i did say everyone's a winner). will have to think of a suitable prize. xoxo

sofiasophie said...

they have in common ;
1- the beauty!
2- their studded bag!

I love the first outfit, and I guessed I 'd choose to dress like her between the 3 of us.... especially because of her loooooong dress thet I'd wear with a little leather biker jacket....

CB said...

dear jill, sorry for delay.
your wonderful blog are now linked first on my list.
i love it !!!

The Photodiarist said...

There's black involved. I LOVE the first look!

Ana Frost said...

Well, they all look nice actually, but about me...I prefer the last outfit,a mix of classic and modern I guess.

Anonymous said...

I prefer to dress like the third woman photographed...wish I did more often.
I can't believe how many posts I've missed in the last few days... will catch up this weekend.