homage to peter (but really, homage to nicky)

For those of you who still don't know, there is a blog called lips of london made by someone who calls herself Nicky and claims to be 13 years old. I don't believe it for a minute. I think it's really a 37 year old woman (or a gay man) because 'she' is just too knowledgeable for one so young. This person claiming to be Nicky has even gone so far as to post really sophisticated Burberry-worthy fashion shoots of very young looking models, and claims one of them is 'Nicky'. Does he/she really think we're that naive?

But I must admit, I do learn a lot from 'Nicky', who also leaves great comments. For example, thanks to this Nicky person, I've just discovered Peter Som (virtually, mind you, because I've yet to see the stuff in the shops. I've just checked out shop locations, he's in Dubai, Wisconsin, Istanbul, FIVE locations in Russia including one in a city I've never heard of, Ekaterinburg, but nothing in the UK). Still, I was so impressed by the photos, I've created an 'homage' collage.

Unless... nah, this can't all be some elaborate hoax? Has anyone actually ever seen these fabulous clothes in Reality?


Eyeliah said...

How interesting... but you never know look at Tavi!

dot said...

Was going to ask, who is Tavi, but I just found her. I've heard about her. What a great blog. Thanks Eyeliah, adding her to my blog roll this very minute.

Anonymous said...

That's ridiculous, jill - nicky goes to my old school. We wouldn't have been there at the same time as i left a couple of years ago but i'm sure it is now it was then: full of many fashion savvy, astute young girls that seem much older than their years, just like nicky.

ironic american dot said...

Anonymous: I was KIDDING!!! Of course I know she's 13. Relax. Please. It's called irony.

& they say we Yanks don't get irony. : )

If it offends Nicky I'll just take this post down, but it really is an homage to her brilliance, and I trust she'll know I was just giving her a compliment.

Anonymous said...

I think it's really rather fun to have people i'm thinking a 37 year old in disguise adds to the mystery ;) haha.
Gosh that's so funny 'anonymous' above!
Nicky :) x

Anonymous said...

I'm in Nicky's class at school, and your post says it all in one - she's great at what she does!
I love your blog and would be delighted if you'd take some time to read mine,



dot said...

Alice! Thank you, I love your blog! Was just about to become a follower when my laptop froze up. Will try again & will add your link. Nicky, what a relief you're not offended. Or not as offended as Anonymous was : )

It's nice to know there are people willing to jump to your defense. Not that there's anything WRONG with being 37, of course..

Oh Alice one more thing: our first and only childhood adored beautiful cat was named Little Miss Carin (our family name). I named her, aged 7. I chose the name because she was the Littlest Miss in the Carin Family. She was my first style icon: absolutely beautiful, elegant, ladylike, wonderful wonderful creature. Will give you a 'hats off to..' very soon!