before jaeger

Before the Jaeger show, London Fashion Week, Day 4 (Monday), at Somerset House. I love the looks on the lucky ducks going into the show, including my new BFF, Erin. ; ) (See 'erin o'connor waved @ me', yesterday).

There's such a buzz before a show, some shows more than others, and Jaeger had that buzz this year. In keeping with the 'it's good manners to pay homage to your designer' theme, notice how there is a lot of black & white going on (and going in, to the show). I love how this venerable old brand, like Burberry, is moving in such a cool direction. It's Jaeger, with a twist. Click here and scroll thru. My favourite is the black swimsuit with a belt and a white open short sleeved shirt, and what look like possibly Wellies with an impossibly high wedge heel.

Which is your favourite look?


Cafe Fashionista said...

I so adore these pictures. Everyone going into the show looks like a model - regardless of the fact that they probably aren't.

Like you, I'm partial to those Wellies - who can resist a rain boot with a wedge heel?! :)

Dream Sequins said...

Sequins aplenty. I will never tire of looking at those type of shots ;) Love the dark colors broken up by classic white and creme, though.

Pearl Westwood said...

Oh Erin!!!! I adore her!!!!
So many perfect looks here, but you have to give it the guy in the bathing suit LOL!
Looks like your having such a fun time x

Ana Frost said...

Definitely the black look, the blonde girl with the outfit totaly black :-)
Thanks for share with us such great pic London Fashion Week.