sneak preview (in lieu of Mr. Dot's Dinner)

London Fashion Week officially starts tomorrow, and I've been resting up today - just emerged from the most luxurious bubble bath with sea salts, baby oil, apple bubble bath AND Dr. Bronner's rose oil - and Mr. Dot really needs me for something important (plus making dinner) and what am I doing? Rushing thru quickly editing these shots of Lucy (blond) and Belen (brunette, with that little accent egu which I can't find) because I'm becoming compulsive about this blog. Has anyone seen Julie & Julia yet? That's what's happening to our marriage, except instead of being compulsive about stuffing a duck, I'm chasing after pretty young girls round Shoreditch and ignoring Mr. Dot's dinner. This was on Commercial Road, near Spitalfields Market.

Typing this so quickly: Lucy, who is English, met her friend Belen in Buenos Aires, where she is from. Lucy proudly told me that Belen has done a bit of modeling but what she really is is an actress, and wow, does she have that star quality! I mean, Lucy is wonderful, and so supportive of her friend (she's not an actress, but she reminds me of a cross between Chloe Sevegny and Kate Hudson - she's actually a student in Edinburgh) but Belen is so going to be a star! (Any important directors, email me @ jill@haybooks.com and I'll get you a meeting with her). I don't even have time for Lucy's shots - will have to add it later. Oh and don't ask me where they got anything they're wearing, because as they laughingly told me, it's all from Buenos Aires!

Sorry for any typos, but Mr. Dot is really getting hungry, and he wears the pants in this family. Better run. Hope you're all having a lovely day! xoxo

(p.s. now that the pasta water is boiling & he's happily laughing his head off with Homer Simpson, I want to say that there's a fashion rant coming up soon about open toe booties, as worn by Belen. HAH!! I accidentally wrote open toe boobies!! Anyway, stay tuned. Where do you stand on the subject?)


Anonymous said...

Gosh I know how you feel I'm frantically choosing what I'm wearing what I'm going to wear JEEZ.
Must get on that asap!
Open toe boots.... so-so for me.
What I DETEST is when people wear red toenail polish with black open toe boots...
pet peeve :)
Nicky x

Rosalind said...

Hey. Thanks for the incredibly long comment that was so lovely.
I will definitely try to send the images sometime this evening! And thankyou, that'd be wonderful for you to do that..
And did you get my very late email? (:
I love this shoot. I really think that you've improved since I started looking at your blog. I can really see your style..
Like the attitude in these shots. And I know you're just about to have a rant about fashion booties, but I do rather like these ones. I do agree with nicky's comment, not with the red nail varnish!


julie kissane said...

lol jill loved the comments about Mr. Dot in this one! I can just picture him in the flat! :)

dot said...

Yeah, the flat in the mew : )

How the hell are you, Miss Kissane??? How's MTV??

Nicky, Roz, that's interesting about the red toe nail polish. The jury's out in my head about the toe thing in general. It's not so much a rant... I'm really having a tough time ranting about anything this season, I like everything!

So what colour nail varnish would you suggest? Black would just look scary. Pale pink/nude would be nice, I suppose.

Roz, will look for the email. There's a lot of interesting stuff arriving in my inbox. Fashion PR people... they must think I'm someone. If only Christopher Kane's people did, then I could go to his show!!

Olga Babenko said...

you have great look hun))

The Photodiarist said...

Poor Mr. Dot:-)

At the risk of being lambasted, I totally disagree with Rox and nicky about red nail polish on toes with booties. What about that is so bothersome? Do you have red toenails in general or just with the booties? Am trying to wrap my head around it . . . Maybe because I wear red toes all of the time and I have worn my Fendi peeptoes with them. So am guilty of some fashion travesty, I guess.

The Photodiarist said...

P.S. Sorry Roz. I meant Roz, not Rox and I meant "do you hate red toenails . . ." not "do you have red toenails" 'cause sounds like you might not;-)

Anonymous said...

Is the girl in glasses a model? She is just as a girl who appears in 47 street webpage

.cocobutterlipbalm said...

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christine said...

Enjoy Fashion Week...think its hilarious that you said, "You're Resting up" for it....fashion can be so exhausting.lol

Saw Julie/Julia...thought it was great although it oddly made me very hungry afterwards. The Brits just don't get Julia Child though...its a Yankee thing.

Hey have you ever seen the toast.co.uk and boden catalogues? I'm loving them a lot!!


Cafe Fashionista said...

The both of them have a very indie ingenue type of ambiance about them. I think that they'll both be stars. Fabulous pictures, darling! :)

Frances said...

The black jacket's from Zara, I believe. Actually, I'm quite sure. Love Frances

Anonymous said...

Jill , you are so funny! So what happened with Mr. Big- he doesn't can't cook ?

mrs. dot said...

can't cook, won't cook. but he's got other good qualities, truly he does!