black booty

Sorry, typing this real fast as I'm running out the door to meet my friend Isabel, and will no doubt be finding even more great style shots - the sheer creativity out there is astounding after what felt a very dreary London season, fashion wise. I've got a queue of great looks that I desperately need to post, longer than the number of red buses that pile up when you've been waiting an hour, and I couldn't leave without posting this shot of Lizzy Walker, who I found in the middle of the road while shooting these window shots.

I noticed two things at once: how smashing her red lips looked with her pale English skin tones (I haven't touched this shot: it had just rained and that's how colour bounces on grey English days, isn't it cool?). The other thing I noticed, because I've got little black booties on the brain, was her little boots. It wasn't til later, when I uploaded, that I realised her little trick, which I'm passing on to all you girls out there (boys are welcome to see, too, what the hell!). Can you spot the Fashion Tip? Answer @ the end of this post.

There's been a lot of excitement this week about little black booties (wasn't there a children's book called Black Beauty? Something about a horse?). It's such a funny word, booty: I keep thinking of that song, shake your bootie, which I'd find on youtube and link for you except: is ANYONE out there going to my youtube links? I haven't stopped singing Cindy Lauper since yesterday and no one's mentioned it (funnily, tho, someone thought the girl on the right was Miley Cyrus, and she's also done a cover version of Girl's Just Wanna Have fun). And thank you all for the lovely comments! It made my day : )

Hope the sun's come out wherever you are!



Style Odyssey said...

as a lover of black and gray monochrome/minimalist style, what she's wearing speaks to me on a personal level, right down to her matte red-orange lipstick! simply put, i love this look.

Ola432342 said...

oh they're not booties they're sockies with sandals ;D I love cutifying footwear. I started refering to my gray trainers as shoesies, made my boyfriend laugh :)

Cafe Fashionista said...

I've always found the word booty to be funny, as well - if you read Sophie Kinsella's Twenties Girl you will have a new appreciation for the word. :)

That's a clever thing to do - socks with sandals. Perhaps I should try that - you'd have ideal footwear for spring, summer, winter, or fall! :)

Laura Taylor said...

Love this post! Those boots are great, and i love that blazer. Awesome outfit x

Pearl Westwood said...

Love her look! Although I too thought, oh its raining I will just wear some socks with my Ann D boots - erm great in theory, in reality I ended up with some seriously soggy socks ;-(

dot said...

I'm not saying it was a practical look! (Pearl). And come to think of it, I shot her just after I got my camera soaked in a downpour. I thought it was broken for a half hour. (I love digital in many ways, but now I've discovered: they're not as hearty cameras as my beloved vintage Pentax).

In hindsight, the poor girl must have had very soggy feet indeed!

Thanks all of you for your comments. Io, top marks for spotting it first! Erika, haven't read Twenties Girl but I'm on the lookout for a good rom com and SK's a great writer.

Stephanie: I thought of you, esp after seeing those great recent shots!

Laura T: thank you! Will check out your blog if you've got one..

Thecountess said...

Just discovered your blog today and think its really cool. And I LOVE those shoes. Amazing!

Unknown said...

Stunning lips and I need that girly dress!
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StyleSpy said...

What a stunning girl. I'm breaking out my red lippies this weekend, definitely.

Lizzie Walker said...

Hi there I am the girl in the picture and my name is actually Lizzie, I don't know where the Sarah came from. Oh well thanks so much for posting the picture of me and for all the wonderful comments.

This is my email so you can send me the pictures. Thanks so much again.

ditzy dot said...

LIZZIE!!! Of course. I am such an idiot. I remember walking away saying 'Lizzie, Lizzie, Lizzie' because it was raining & I had thought my camera was broken (it's since dried and can scroll again) & I didn't jot it down like I normally would.

Where DID Sarah come from? ( ;

Sending you the photos. Thanks for being such a good sport. And a great model.

Anonymous said...

sorry, this really is not a great look for this woman...or any other.Lizzie is an attractive woman- but this takes away from her beauty.In my opinion; the Socks don't work with the sandals, the skirt is too short for her and the grey top is too sloppy for the skirt & jacket. Do you hate me for saying so.