running in heels

Would you believe this is still Day One?? I have over 100 shots to go thru from Day One alone, and each is surprising me as being more interesting than the next! (I've developed such a migraine - yesterday, Day Two was really hot, I mean, brutally hot & I would have given anything to swim, was running round in heels & living on coffee & sugar & cake all day, not a smart move). Just posting a few shots before heading over to Day Three - God bless Mr. Dot, I broke a prong on my uploader thingy and he scooted over to Jessops to get a new one (God Bless Jessops, too, while we're @ it).

One thing that's really hit me about LFW is how HARD everyone works! The photographers, the models, the designers assistants, but especially, the really impressive BFC staff. They're everywhere, always smiling, always friendly & helpful. Everyone's so focused, timing is so crucial, and yet I'm not seeing any of that 'I'm so important' crap you'd expect. It's such a buzz to be around people that work so hard and yet are having so much fun.

Thank you for your lovely comments! I miss visiting all your blogs & soon as this is over - and it will be, soon. What fun. One thing's for sure: I'm learning from yesterday's mistake and today I'm wearing flats.

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Anonymous said...

The leather jacket that the girl (top picture) was wearing is absolutely fantastic. It's so hard to find a nice leather jacket.